Monday, July 21, 2014

Fishing Lake Road Part 2

Today headed out to the ride Fishing Lake Road again. Last ride in the area was a bit not doable as Fishing Lake Road was still buried in snow. So today was another attempt to get to the gate on the Monstercross.

Fishing Lake Road Part 2

Getting Ready


And It Begins

The Left Turn
The Beginning of The Gravel
BC Like Hydro Tower

Aggressive Foliage

The Gate
Turn Around

Rum In Celebration

Big Ring on The Way Back



Next trip out will be a exploration of the same hydroline from Battersea road. And with that another check off of a ride for 2014 off the list.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Monstercross to Highway 38

 Last year explored a section of Hydroline to Highway 38 from Unity Road. And I thought it would make a good out and back route. Unfortunately this year things where delayed as the ground has been incredibly wet. And doesn't seem to be wanting to dry. But finally was able to get the ride in.

  Monstercross ride to Highway 38 was fun and interesting.

  The section north of Unity was a wee bit overgrown. It was a positive as it turned out to making it a bit more of a workout.  Which is always a good thing when training the legs.

 It has been a little damp this year around Kingston. So if you are into the whole Cyclocross mud thing you will be a happy individual. Maybe as happy as Dicky with a Poptart.

  Made it to within sight of Highway 38 but knowing how wet it has been. Didn't feel like dealing with any excess swamp like muck.

 In the end while it was about 36K was still a good ride and got to check off a 2014 ride item on the ride s for the year. Next will be the Gun Lake Road ride in the next few days.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Turbine of Pain

Last year in the lead up to Paul's Dirty Enduro was looking for spots to ride both to add in mileage and do something new. Decided to see if there was a way to connect the hydroline track to the old county road that used to connect with Jim Snow Drive. Got part way there but ran out of time snow wise. 

Today decided to try again and see if I can get through and this would take a bit of exploring.

                                                 Beginning of the wet feet.
 Of course being the Spring it is required that there must be a minimum of 2 creek crossings in the first 15 minutes.

 And this was the beginnings of a ride of wet feet and bog and water.

  Just after the water was the slog across the farmers field then up to Brule Rd.

  And  a classic but of hydro line gravel

  The second half past Odessa road is better in Spring and late Fall as the Wild Parsnip is not around. When I came out last year there was lots of that stuff dead around.

After hopping the fence it was the grass covered track slog  heading towards Ernestown and the Wind Farm. I was hoping that the already finished wind turbine would make a good land mark to find a way to connect the rest of the track.

 And I was right that I could see the turbine and now had a point of reference I knew. Continued straight though to see how far it would go....dead end.

 Back tracked to a quad track I had spotted and headed in the direction of the turbine. Thus began the Mephisto's Bog Trotters phase.

 Lots of carrying and mud was involved. Something a Mr Cranwell was commenting on there being a lack of this weekend.

 After lots of bog..mud..carrying...creek crossing.... about an hour and a half later.....Victory. Connected to the old county road. And it turns out the route I was looking for is the snowmobile route. Just had to finish with a slog along the edge of the farmers field to connect to this track.

                                                Deserves a reward of Rum.

  At this point it was almost 6. Was low on water and killed of the last bit of Dr P left so headed back via Millhaven road. Had a beer in the pack waiting for the look out near the 401.

 Got home after a bit more then 5 hours with a now completed route making a loop. Or if I am in the mood a out and back. Think I will try that version before the Wild Parsnip starts growing again.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Monstercross Thinking

Now that the snow is starting to disappear have been able to ride a bit more.  And in doing so noticed some problems with the current build. First one being the tires.
Riding Exi Wolf's on road on a monstercross feels sluggish as hell. And knowing that to increase the effectiveness of the ride need to mount some tires less mountain bike like. And after putting out the question via Facebook and thanks to a buddy in Hamilton. Mounted a set of Nano Raptors.

 Next problem is gearing as now with the Nano Raptors the gearing is a wee bit lacking. While the 32/42 is okay for off road trails it comes up a bit short on the Monster side. And am thinking that going up to maybe a 36/46 or 48 might be a better gearing in the front.

  And of course I need to get a different saddle as the white stands out a bit. And The Rules clearly state that colours should this case be black.

 Other then that am getting pretty comfortable on the thing and thoughts are turning to more pricey items like Retroshift and wheels.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Monstercoss Wench

 Last fall made the decision to swap the Kaffenback for a Inbred 29r frame. Simply it would allow me to explore the tracks around Kingston and go farther. And keep in mind that a few years ago tried the same idea with the Peace 9r but it was to small a frame size over all.

 But it was the first attempt and if I had been paying attention would have realized that it was the right direction to go. And when we had to CX races at Westbrook and I couldn't race because didn't have the right tires for the Kaffenback which turned out to be a good thing. The frame was broken.

 Pulled all the parts from the Kaffenback. Sold off the Bontrager wheels and bought a On One Inbred 9r frame for the project.

Will have a parts spec and full details later as it is continuing to evolve as a build the Monstercross Wench. But thanks to getting a second Inbred 9r frame this has evolved into a second long term project . As having two 29r capable frames gave me a idea which will talk about later. 

 But that second frame is a long term project as there is no rush to build. But this will be fun.

Monday, January 27, 2014

2014 Goals

This year thinking of goals is a little harder as the East Cup Series has been postponed till 2015. However that is minor compared to the other larger problem presented by a potential opportunity. So there is no defined path for goals till we shall say April to be safe. But do I wait and do nothing or do I get creative?

 Let us get creative and break this down into 3 areas.

General goals,

1. Hard to explain this one. After last year significant event best to say rebuilding.  Because bikes and endurance activity was part of what I am and one thing she loved about me. And has admitted I am not the same over the last few years and told me she liked me the other way. So this year to rebuild things so they are closer to that then they have been in 3 years.

2. As part of above take Joely to Joyride...not to ride. But for the first time in a while she asked to see it 4 days ago, an interest in taking part.

3. Lose 3 inches off waist.

4. Continue to corrupt my Cousin in Law to the world of bikes.

5. Continue the event cost/driving distance policy.

6. Eager Beaver.... hang out, drink beer, help Dan, drink beer, fun...

 Depending on developments in the next month and a bit will decide which direction the rest of the year will go event wise.

1. Start a weekly Tuesday night race at the Farm...focus on the lower levels.

2. Complete the K&P  circle I have been slowly putting together.

3. Keep pushing east towards Napanee with the exploration of the various tracks.

4. Ride at Shabomelaka

5. Tour De King

6. Don't burn out the week of Kingston Trophy getting trail work done. Be smart Weasel Worker.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Brule Rd/ Almost Odessa Ride

After work decided to revisit a ride from last year. This was the quad track out to Odessa that crosses Brule Rd. This goes under the hydroline heading to Napanee. Unlike last year I was running late so no clipless. Had to go with flats which in the end worked out.

 So after grabbing and Ice Capp headed down Highway 2 to Westbrooke Rd to get to the quad track.

 Turning onto the quad track and heading east towards Odessa. On the way towards Brule there was a wee bit of mud so there was the small chance that the quad track was turning back to swamp. To do this route past Brule is only doable around late summer when it has dried out.

 Just after crossing Nell Rd begins the full long section towards Odessa. As one can see in the pic it tends to get ruts from people mud bogging their quads.

 This year the going was a little slower as it was so much more overgrown then last year.  Quite a few times had to do the hike -a-bike type thing as it was hard to see the ruts with all the overgrowth.

 The fence line I came to last year was reached after about 35 minutes of effort from Brule Rd. I would guess I was faster last year as the foliage was less thanks to a milder year. And sadly there is no sign of a way to get closer to Odessa. Kind of sucks as this would make a route but can't win them all.  Especially since the last route recce was a success.

On the way back was to focused on riding to remember to check out this track that seems to be new. It wasn't there last year.

 After crossing Nell Rd it was soon to be a little fun on the bit of rock drops on the way towards Brule. Sadly no pic's as still need to get a small tripod. Though judging from the hazy edges on photo's in the last month and a half may also need to replace the digital camera.

 Paused after Brule in the farmers field to kind of relax before the inevitable rejoining of the world. Though I could hear the 401 and a swell as traffic on Highway 2. It is still nice to just have you while riding.

 As I headed to Tim's for a earned Ice Capp was thinking of Paul's Dirty Enduro. Specifically have an offer from Barry a rider I know to ride the 100k instead of the 30k with me. Kind of nervous to accept...he is faster and a XC racer of the endurance type. I am slow and need to lose some more weight, losing 2 inches is good don't get me wrong. the other issue that has me humming and hawwing is in 2009 doing the 60k caused my knees to start hurting and seizing about 10k out.

 Have some ideas on that but will share that tomorrow.