Sunday, September 3, 2017

Kingston Trophy Half Marathon 2017

3 day's out from the Kingston Trophy was given the medical green light to ride. Well, to ride but be smart.

With that and knowing I missed almost 2 weeks of riding any rocky trail around to be ready as per past years. I always try to ride a few times the trails I know of that are harder then will be in the race.  That being replaced with 4 days in the hospital with bruised ribs and lacerated Kidney followed by 2 and a half weeks of easy spinning.

The day's goal would simply be to finish and get a result. This was decided Saturday morning driving to the Farm. No thought was given the night before. All I did was trail work the day before. Then Friday night directed those camping to the camping area and sat by the bonfire drinking beer.

So on the way to the race as mentioned before the goal was simply to get a result. It was after arriving and while piddling around as it was really just a ride. I thought that just by simply finishing I might have a chance to pull of a top 2 for the overall.

After the start I treated it as the Kenyan's would call it...a training race. Just put in the ride, be smart, and don't do anything stupid. Leave the hammering and heroics till the 30th. With this in mind there really isn't much to write about for most of the day. It was after the technical on route 66 and the Burbrook hill and about a quarter into Pete's Loop section that I seemed to pick up the pace.

Not surprising as it is one of my favourite trails to play on...hey I love rock. Why I still run a retrogrouch bash guard. After clearing Pete's and gimping down the hill rode the rest of the way as hard as I could while being smart. Which worked till a momentary lapse before the left turn to the straight to the finish. Momentary lapse led to standing and try to go hard. Which was red flagged by a immediate pain from my left ribs. Nope.....just spin it in.

While good with it. It was harder then it should have been as for now need to race with a moto style Kidney Belt....hard to breath at times with it. Later was surprised to find out from Sherri running the timing that I had placed 3rd in Clyde. And may have nailed 1st over all.

What...may have nailed 1st overall in Clyde?

Well, that was true. So a unexpected 3rd for the day and nailing 1st overall for the year. Despite barely cleared to race 3 days prior.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Malabar Scrub Sanctuary

In July got to go to Florida for family trip and finally brought my own bike for a trip to Florida. Due to meeting requirements for packing size had to stick to 26" wheels. So while I wanted to bring the Eccentric opted for the Samurai as had not picked up the 12x142 rear 26" wheel yet.

Before we flew had heard from my daughter's Godmother about there being trails nearby and even before leaving had done some homework.

I do admit wasn't expecting grand singletrack and technical challenges galore. I was thinking more exploration and simply riding in new places.

The only sort of trail area was the Malabar Scrub Sanctuary. Which came with lots of sand and some singletrack. As I said wasn't expecting challenging riding but was better than riding road.

Even came with mobile rocks aka the Gopher Tortoise. Apparently some kind of land based Tortoise that likes to dig.

Gopher Tortoise

One bonus was not just the trail head maps but there was also actual trail markers. Which where nice and kind of gave a clue where one was going. Even though I do admit to going the wrong way a few times.

Fortunately was able to get a second ride in at Malabar the next day.

Malabar Ride 2

While it was a brief 2 days of riding it was worth having my own bike. And with word that there will be another visit next year to Florida and my daughters Godmother. Will be ready. Will have the 26" wheels and 12x142 rear hub axle ready to go.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Highland Creek Primitive

Thanks to a road trip on June 15th to Toronto had time to re visit the classic old school primitive style Highland Creek trails.  I say primitive as compared to the Don Valley where everyone goes and is well manicured. The Highland Creek trails barely see a quarter of the users. 

Highland Creek Primitive

And with such low user volume you do have to expect some bonus challenges. Over growth one of them.

Of course with it being overgrown one has to ride slower than normal as it is harder to spot those bits that can hook you and take you down hard. And nothing sucks more than slamming knee first into the ground.

And with the weather....the rain that seems to keep coming. It has not been easy to get out to the trails anywhere. So this was the first ride this year to go through most in the Highland Creek system.

One side effect of the overgrowth is as mentioned hard to see things. Well, that overgrowth led to the near T Boning of a Deer. Who jumped 4 feet to the side then stared contempously at my disrupting it's day. Sadly when I pulled out my cell to take a pic it moved into denser foliage and became very hard to see.

Somewhere in there is a Deer

Sadly due to time restrictions did not have again time to try the couple of log rides the trail builders put in this year. Sucks as having done observed trials 20 years ago I do like a bit of trials style challenges.

Hopefully on the next trip down will have more time to try to master the new challenges. So with the time drawing near the bingo line it was heading back to the vehicle to get on the road.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

26 Isn't Dead

I keep hearing how the 26 inch wheel is so obsolete. How it is a retrogrouch and luddite wheelsize.

Yet in the last 3 years of hearing this. Listening to the endless wheel size bullshit grinding drivel from the bike industry marketing actuaries. I keep seeing visual proof that it isn't just going away. All despite the marketing that suggests that being on a 26 inch wheel is less fun and makes you slower.

Slower? Really? Hmm....the last 2 Substance Projects half marathon podium placings say other wise. The leaving of the vaunted 29er wheelsize in it's dust. But that is impossible, I mean the industry told us that it will solve all riding problems right? The bike industry would never lie would it? Sure I readily admit that I have had a 29er mtb and like many bought it because it was new and so on.

But in the end it left me wanting as at the time 2009 the geometry sucked.

I started riding in Whistler BC and the trails of Mt Fromme. I liked a bike to wheely and get over stuff. Shouldn't have to feel like am fighting the bike.And when after a year it turned out to be meodiocre at best. Went back to the 26". And then tried again 2 years ago and ended up with the same ugh feeling. No matter what I tried. Sure there is a possible way but do I really want to cough up a $1000 ? Not at this time.

And I still am riding the Chromag Samurai is the 26 inch wheel size. Is it less fun? Nope. Is it slower? According to race and Strava times? Nope.  Does it go hard and handle everything I throw at it. Yep.

Nope.....26 Isn't  Dead.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

2017 Northumberland Humbler Half Marathon

June 3rd was the date of this years Northumberland Humbler and after missing last year it would be another visit.

Meat Loading

Before leaving I had tossed my second pair of clipless shoes in the SUV. Something made me do it and turns out it was a good thing. After getting signed in and while getting geared up discovered one of my hard sole shoes soles was delaminating. While it was just the toe area, not taking any chances grabbed the extra's I tossed in and was ready.

With the wailing of Dan's siren it was race time. I got off to a better start this time and was faster so was a wee bit further up than normal. Without even realizing it the first 6 k went by quick and I realized like many went out fast for that first 6k. At that point to avoid blowing up later deliberately dropped to an slightly easier gear and spun more. I mean the course will be enough of a challenge so why make it harder?

Kept the focus on being smooth and not worrying about chasing anyone down. That is till the aid station at the half way point. That is where the racing starts.

Picked up the pace and began to catch people who had ridden hard for the first half.  Kept trying to be smooth and being smart. Soon it was the 5k to go mark and caught what I didn't know at the time was the 3rd place Clydesdale. For the next 2km we alternated passing each other a few times till just before the final road crossing where after getting by. Opened the gap on the downhill then it was the last road crossing and a stretch of logging road. Time trialed the logging road.

Just before going into the last bit of singletrack glanced back and saw no one in sight. Had opened a huge gap. Then it was the 1k mark and kept up the pace as didn't know if someone was close.

And coming out of the woods it was the finish and done. It wasn't till later that I found out I had earned 3rd. And had opened a massive 3 minute gap on the 4th place Clydesdale.

Northumberland Humbler Cldesdale Results

That produced 2 Lapdogs on the podium. And for those keeping score at home there is two Lapdogs in 1st and 2nd in the series overall in the Clydesdale Category. Overall happy as tactically had used my head and waited to the second half to become the hunter and make up ground.

I should mention thanks to my wife Joely who helped plan my being able to race while she is at CISM World's in Florida. Greatest coach in the world and the love of my life.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

2017 Long Sock Classic

The Ganaraska Forest and I have a love hate relationship. You could say it is a abusive one as I have never had an easy issue free race there. Leg cramps to the year of the bog DNF. After taking a year away from racing in the Ganny it was a return to racing there with the 2017 Long Sock Classic Half Marathon.

With the passing of my mother in law at Christmas I no longer get to drive to Scarborough and sleep the night before a race closer to the Ganny. So this would be the first race morning long drive to a race in the Ganny. Of course couldn't make it easy so spent till late evening Friday running around moving furniture. 

 After arriving a little later than planned and getting ready with a little bugging Barry about fixing his lack of singlespeed problem with a Philips screwdriver. A bit after could see the start of the cattle call like gathering at the start line. I now days stay clear of that for as long as possible as standing around waiting doing nothing gives to much time to over think.  Spun around the grass a bit more then got in line near the back as I again had no expectations. Well maybe shouldn't say one expectation, that being the venue being the Ganny. And so was expecting there to be potential for a fight.

Dan blew the start whistle and off we where to the first bit of double track and I do admit I started well and seemed to move up easily. But remember this is the Ganny and easy can be an illusion. Then it was onto 10th Line Or Oak Ridges Trail which when raced the other way is The Dirt Road From Hell. Nearing the end things where going pretty good and after some more double track into the the singletrack.

This is to me where the real racing starts because it is where skills and technique can make up time. And just as I was getting going the Ganny striked. A corner where it went from cornering well to a 2 wheel drift to smash. Left knee taking the brunt and I think denting the root I hit with it. After a quick assessment to make sure nothing serious back on the bike. And try to get everything going again. Little did I know that this was actually going to a wee bit harder. Through the singletrack and slowly catching back up to the 2 a head. It would be on the next bit of double track I am guessing about 15k in when the next challenge arrived.

 Can't see the bone bruise

After bouncing down the double track and shifting a few times suddenly had grinding as I pedalled. Stop and checked to discover the chain derailed from the lower pulley. Fixed and while later it did it again. Fixed it and it disappered on the singletrack.

Hard to see but twisted lower cage.

Little did I know at the time that in the crash it some who had bent the lower cage of the rear derailleur. Didn't know this till after closer inspection in the Bike Brothel and mounting another one to find out it was bent. Nope, can never be easy in the Ganny. At least the good news is that in the singletrack it never acted up. So it was only at certain points on the doubletrack that the twisted derailleur acted up. And every time had to stop and dick around with this got a rider got past and then had to chase down and re-pass again.  Despite this was able to move up a few places before the aid station.

After the aid station it was more singletrack with a side of doubletrack derailleur pain. As I said nothing is ever easy racing in the Ganny. And finally it was the 10k marker where I continued focusing on trying to be smooth through the singletrack.  Caught a couple of guys at the 5k mark and kept the flow. Then finally it was just after the 1k mark I caught 2 more riders who if it was another 5k would have opened a gap. But we stayed close the rest of the way. Knowing they where close as we hit the grass before the final 180 degree left hander I wasn't going to take it easy. Not after smashing and fighting a lousy jockey wheel to move up the field. Sprinted to the line and was done.

Long Sock Clydesdale Results

Grabbed a beer and chair under the Lapdog tent and relaxed after another fight with the Ganny. After a bit it was the awards where Dan called the Clydesdale category and found out that despite the derailleur caused loss of time got third.  Despite the drive train issue slowing me down.  Oh, did I mention I did this on a antiquated Luddite wheel size?

Sunday, May 14, 2017

O-Cup #2 Kingston

May 7th was the second stop of the O-Cup XC series which could have been easily mistaken for the Ontario Bog Trotters Cup races sponsored by Mephisto's Mud Studs.

O Cup #2

The day's leading up to the race we faced 150mm plus of rain with the  ground and water systems already saturated. During that period I worked with others to best prepare the track over long hours prior. I  am not a short course man. Add in that it has been 20 years since I last did a race of this type. It was a BC Cup in Vancouver BC at Kerr Park with half the course mud and water while it pissed rain with sections BB and hub deep. Hmm..seems like a theme for me when you add in MTB races with "Cup" in the title.

I should say that I have been course crew for races off and on since 1986. And despite the conditions another race wasn't cancelled because the course crew wasn't able to prepare the track.  We where able to pull it off. Team Colin mentioned this in his blog.

Team Colin

Taking in the conditions as well as not being a short course guy I was viewing this as the Kenyans would call it a Training Race.  As well as a equipment test as had a week prior just put a more modern fork on the Mistress Mk2 and it now had a lower stem height.  So Sat night I also noted that this race would be a test of mental toughness, that the conditions would from the start would test one's  mental strength ability to endure as well as brake pads and drive trains.

2017 O Cup #2 Kingston Album

Though to be fair being a BC kid I have the advantage that being used to wet and muddy has. Let' face reality growing up in Vancouver you either deal with the rain or never do anything outside.

Once the whistle blew it was the beginning of a two lap slog. That unfortunately by the 11:45 race had begun to dry and the mud was heading into the peanut butter variety. Yay. Since not worried about placing...who am I kidding I don't worry about it anymore. Though I had a hunch of what would soon happen as everyone sprinted through the barn into Sangers Sandbox. ANd just after the pump section it was like driving the 401 and hitting the outskirts of the GTA...sudden traffic slowing and going no where fast. Really you may as wel have been using an Abacus to time the race.

It became two laps of ride what you can and when you can't hoof it. On the first lap you could see for some the battle of equipment was being lost as they DNF'd with drive train issues. Yet some where in this I past and left in behind fellow Clydesdale Team Colin. I do admit that there was some satisfaction as last fall at the Marathon he beat me. This time I beat him in hard conditions.

As the 2 laps progressed you could see some where cracking or about to crack. And this is where one of my pet peeves of racing showed up, that being public crackings.  Maybe it is just me but if your going to crack or going into that race dark place. To me that is a personal battle, I won't drag you into mine like this one...

2014 Bad Day at Paul's Dirty Enduro

I get it racing is tough and it is a chance we take that we will have a bad day. But please, don't make it public. I know what your trying to do. Your feeling lousy and trying to drag me down into your experience. Because by doing that it will make things better in your mind. No thank you, I am having a bad day as well and am engaged in my own fight. Especially this day. All this does is provide more incentive to leave you behind.

And did just that to one racer. I didn't know that somewhere during the race it was decided that it would be 2 laps instead of 3. A fact I didn't find out till the end of the 2nd lap when we where quietly  told that was it.  Our labour was over. Bravo Zulu.

Had a small surprise as my wife showed up briefly to see if it was all good. Would have been better if she had given me a big hug and kiss.....but apparently she can tolerate sweaty and salty not muddy.