Tuesday, August 11, 2015

2015 Black and Decker.

From a first week of July road trip. Life got in the way and am behind.

5 years ago I road tripped to Brockville to ride the Black and Decker trails. And after a 5 year absence got to ride them again.

First trip. which was followed by the Second Trip to ride the Canadian shield rock at Black and Decker. All info for Black and Decker was found in the Rider Mel's Guide Book.
The map in Mel's book is older so some trails may have changed or maybe new as I did come across some new trail that was a work in progress. 

Some things are the same...the rock...the bugs....the quad track mud bogs. But some stuff has changed. Some features are gone and some sections are more overgrown.

But the rock lines are still just as hard as 5 years ago and require the same skill and focus to clean as then. You can't short cut riding here. Let your focus down on the rock lines and you eat rock. But like it did 5 years ago the Reborn Mistress ate it up.

And with the return of the Mistress, the original. Have been riding her more as she requires more strength to ride and effort as she is a burlier build. Unlike Mistress V2, who is more svelte and emphasis on going for longer with less effort. And in the lead up to Paul's this year want more strength and such that only riding the original Mistress will develop.

Focus needs focus or Eat It.

Could tell I am still getting used to the Mistress as some stuff I know I nailed before am a little rusty in skill.

Found out that there is a pump track on Brockville as well now so will have to make another trip. Also because they have a Brockville weekly races. Would be a good time to go and get a wee push speed wise.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

It's a Dry Heat BRO

 This is a delayed entry from last week. Needed to get in some mileage specifically Big Ring Only. Of course it is 39 degrees out which makes it a perfect day for some BRO work.

Dry Heat BRO ride

Sure it might be stupid and idiotic....cue the Idiot With A Bike Theme.

Yet it will end at just under 30k of work. I get to take off my gear and have a cold beer while I recover. There is an off switch to the suffering. For Joely there is no off switch for depression. No taking off her shoes and it ends like the ride in today's heat did..

2015 Ride For Mental Health

This is the third year of my campaign to raise awareness and contribute towards breaking the silence and stigmatism of Depression. Depression impacts on not only the individuals who are suffering through it but also their family members. Everyday people lose jobs because their employers don't understand what they are going through or the employee doesn't know how to navigate the symptoms and challenges created by their depression. 

The campaign in the lead up to the 2015 Paul's Dirty Enduro  I reflect on recent events and how some illnesses can be easily cut away with surgery and a knife while depression can't just be cut away and that little things that we all take for granted can lead to a person going backwards even after feeling better for a long time.

My loved one has struggled with the challenges of depression. Even when she is feeling good there is still that moment in her eyes that I worry about. In the last year we have gone through a tremendous amount of stress and while she has shown a brave face to the world I see how and when she is struggling and I see her fighting to hang on to that better place.

After several medical issues my loved one made the decision to have major surgery to deal with it. She is currently recovering and like her depression there are good days and bad days for her. But what I've come to truly understand is that in a few short weeks there will only be good days. The medical problems that had her seek out the surgery will no longer exist and will no longer negatively impact her life. It will be all about the amazing change to her life but making this choice.

But her depression can't just be cut out, that anything, any type of stress could send her back to that place where I know she doesn't want to be. Depression will always simmer below the surface for her and while in it's own way it may go into a remission the chances of it coming back are great. Life has a way of creating incredible highs but it also occasionally leads to incredible lows, disappointments and losses.

She and so many others continue to need our support and our love. My goal this year is to raise $1,000 for the battle against mental illness and depression. Please support me as I ride for her and so many others like her.

2015 Ride For Mental Health and My Wife

Monday, July 27, 2015

Kemptville Exploration

On July 9th had a road trip to Kemptville and had a couple of hours  available while there to ride. So packed the Monstercross to explore around. This was not a hard session it was to be some mileage in a new place to avoid boring myself with the same routes in the lead up to Paul's.

To be honest didn't expect much as judging from a look via Google Earth there wasn't alot to see. But mileage is mileage. And riding even here is new and still better than doing the same dull routes.

It also gave me a opportunity to test out the new shoes before taking them off road. And after almost 2 hours can say I never noticed them.  Impressive as prior to this pair the Body Geometry insoles Specialized had used where very good at aggravating my feet.

While I tried to avoid  major roads a couple of times had no choice, Man some rural roads are narrow.

Near the end I came across some what looked like singletrack. Had roots and such which I will check out the next time in that area.

The last bit was via Veteran's Way and Honour Way as these are marked.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

GTA Trails- Pan Ams 2015

List of trails near Toronto. Not exhaustive.

More commonly referred to as Ravenshoe.
Brownhill Tract aka Ravenshoe

Christie Lake near Dundas. Has a wicked berm and pump track section.
Christie Lake

Best part of Bronte is north of Dandas Rd.
Bronte Creek

Etobicoke Creek

Lots of tracks everywhere. Lots of waterfalls.

King City Trails

Harmony Valley

Durham Forest and Glen Major are right next to each other near the town of Uxbridge.

Durham Forest

Glen Major Forest

And of course the legendary Don Valley.
Don Valley

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Why Did I Join A Cycling Club?

In 2014 did something I don't normally do signed onto a racing club specifically the Lapdogs. Last time I was part of a sports club would have been back in 92 in my ski racing days.

And back in those ski racing days as you got older it came more about chasing points. Which when you are young and naïve to the world seems to be a great thing. But when you are older and are supposedly more mature the idea of chasing points for some kind of cup. Well it starts to become as appealing as filing your taxes.

And did a similar idea in 2003 by joining a race team that you didn't pay to join. But had to meet certain requirements to stay on the team every year. Sounds great but after a while the appeal as well as the joy starts to wear thin. As it starts to feel like a job. Which starts to kill off one's desire. And I faded away for almost 7 years from that realm simply because of that as well as life commitments.

So why the change in 2014? Easy really.....I was asked by a member of Lapdogs to join. I had to pay to be part of it and the expectation of following Rule #43 which states Don't Be A Jack Ass. There is no points chasing or other stuff. And last year was probably the most fun and relaxed for a long time.

Which is why I will be back with them this year as the Far East Division. Maybe not a endurance Lapdog but will give Barry a run for the money on the pump track.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

2015 Events, Races, and Goals

 It is that time of year when one looks around and figures out what events and such they are doing next year. Of course it isn't easy as dates are not set yet with the OCA when it comes to races.

Time to write those cheques the body can't cash.

-Paris Roubaix aka Almonte Roubaix
-Long Sock Classic 30k
-Northumberland Humbler 60k
-Kingston Trophy Marathon 70K
-Tour De Caffeine
-Paul's Dirty Enduro 30k 
-Belleville CX?
-Kingston CX?

I should note that the Paul's 30k will be taken seriously...so will be a hammer, puke at the finish, and to do the Cancellera....drink a beer within 10 minutes.

Other Riding Goals

- loose 3 inches of waist
-Ride all the trails of Shabomeka trails.
-Camp Fortune
-Thomasburgh trails