Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dirt Jumper Quest

So far on the fork front looks like the best option is to acquire a Dirt Jumper 1 or 3 from Marzocchi. Bit heavy but one has to make do.

The main reason is it's cheaper then trying to upgrade the springs in the present z!. This is an issue because being soft I am already pretty much half way through the travel before I hit anything. And after some research I have learned my fork set up is way wrong. A stiffer fork is better as it leaves more travel to use when it is needed.

So far looking at two forks to meet the requirements on Pinkbike.

One the wheel front, just laced up the rim to a DMR Revolver hub. I went with the DMR simply because can get adapters to swap that would allow me to use a QR or the new 15mm axle forks. Now I just need to get a DMR in 36 Hole.

Rode the rocks above Fort Henry this evening. May be doing it tomorrow night as well.