Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dust Bowl Enduro Ride

 So with another year and being unable to attend another Ontario event due to commitments. It was decided to get 6 hours of bike time. The chosen date was Sunday August 27th.  And of course just to make it a wee bit harder it will begin at 1 pm when it is good and hot.

Heading out from Team NFI world headquarters.

                                                       Went through Lemoines Point.

                     Normally there is water around this bit of rock in the Collins Bay trail system.

                                              Wickedly overgrown this year in some sections.

                                            Long way back to walk if one has a mechanical.

                                      Think this is the second time they cut the fields this year.

                            I know there is more trails under the hydroline north of the 401.

                                               Yes.. I did use a PED during this ride.

Had to turn back as it was almost 7 at this point. And had no lights. I know there is a way via this hydro line quad track to get to Odessa. Another ride to see is in order.

It's only 15 minutes of riding back but after nearly 6 hours feels alot longer then that.

                                                          Seems it was a bit dusty.

And after 6 hour and 45 minutes was back at the house. Feeling cooked and needing food. And with unfinished business on my mind as I wasn't able to try to get to Odessa. But that should be fixed up sooner then later.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Scarborough Forgotten

Last time I was down in Scarborough checked out a area I have not ridden.

 And so it does connect to the main Highland Creek area. Would just have to get my feet a wee bit wet.

                                    More forgotten trail.

 About 4 years ago this was pretty much a beach.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

To A Trail Builder

 After not being able to do any  work over the last 8 weeks to the trail I started o I went there on Monday looking forward to continuing my slow but steady efforts. When I got there it felt like someone kicked my in the nuts.  The trail was wrecked as someone showed bad form bulldozed their trail through it.

 In the last 3 days I have thought about it and I find it pretty sad. Sad because when I started rebuild project I went to the area specifically as to avoid stepping on any other builders toes.  When I say rebuild I originally cut a hack line in simply avoid the annual mud bog.  The area was perfect as I was out of everyone else way. And not in danger of causing problems with other trails. And I could take my time building it as I saw it unfold.  Yet now what had the potential of being a fun trail has been destroyed. It's heartbreaking when someone does this.

 Sure I take my time as I have a life as well. Sure I wasn't there for 8 weeks yet there was very clear sign that someone was building a trail there. And the only right thing to have done was to leave it alone and wait to see if there was any further activity till say October. Maybe a builder was in the hospital or was away for work. To do other wise is bad form and creates nothing bad animosity between builders. Especially in a place with  very little.

 Sure I'm upset and disappointed in fellow riders. But I'm willing to set that aside and find a happy medium over coffee as we should be working together to create more for Kingston's dirt riders.