Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Axiom Helix Bottle Cage

What does one say about a bottle cage? It comes in various flavours depending upon how much money you decide you don't need. Carbon, titanium, aluminium, and steel. And even mixes of aloy's as they call it.  All really for the simple purpose of holding a water bottle in place and prevent it from bouncing down the road after one smacks a pothole.

So what can I say about this Axiom version that comes in some Magnesium Alloy and in this version black? Well of course we all know magnesium tends to spark when it hits things like rocks and pavement when it slides as well. And before you ask no I haven't tested that yet and don't plan to. But it does do it's job well of bottle retention.

 One added bonus with this specific cage as shown in the lower photo is it is perfect shape and size for holding an Ice Capp . Not significant but great near the end of a ride as one is nearing home. Not a big deal really but still nice feature that was unintended in it's design.