Sunday, July 18, 2010

Black and Decker

Finally had the chance to head up to Brockville to hit the Black and Decker trails. After fighting the lousy drivers on the 401 got to hit the trails.

The area is kind of interesting. Lot's of loops that kind of end up in circles yet are all fun. Lots of rock and fun little climbs. Unfortunately didn't get to the other section that is on the other side of the 401.

Creek crossing with to options.


A scratch??

Lots of rock faces like this.

Nice rock to skinny.

I really want to go back to ride it again. The plan is to go back mid August probably on a Wednesday. This time I'll be on flat pedals.

It should be noted that after sweating out about 5 lbs of water, the ice cold frappucionno tasted good.