Wednesday, May 1, 2013


It's a delivery from the UK's On One Bikes that arrived via the always entertaining services of Canada Post.

 I needed to get another tire so I could save the 2.2 Mountain King for the more muddy times of year. But as is always the goal of Team NFI cutting costs is the big deal. After reading the reviews in Singletrack Mag and 29 Inches . While yes it is a 29er site Guitar Ted does a good job on reviewing stuff. Plus the bonus is the soil is much closer to what I have here in Ontario. Claggy clay that when it is wet and muddy really doesn't fall away like BC type dirt. So that is a good thing.

For the Mistress of course it is in 26" size and is of the folding bead variety and in a 62a compound for your pleasure.  Initially when I looked at it at I kind of thought it was a little small. But after mounting and inflating it to riding pressure I was happy to see I was wrong. 

So far only one ride tonight on it and no problems at this point to report. Though will have more later on after a few weeks more of riding and the East Cup Cornwall race on it.