Friday, February 27, 2009

Too Much Info

Was in Chapters our local book store tonight. I was looking at the sports books and I had suddenly thought about how advanced we have become.

Sure this is a good thing. Yet I can't help but feel that it gets in the way of our success athletically. We no have multiple books telling us how and when to train. We now have heart rate monitors and GPS units telling us how fast and how far to go. There are now pre made training programs and such telling us when to train.

We have lost a lot of the fun of training. No more do we simply get out and train doing it as fast and as long as we feel. Instead of training times is spent thinking about the overwhelming amount of info we are inundated with. And this overwhelming input causes us to spend way to much time and energy thinking.

If there was one group to watch and learn from that would be African runners. They don't use technology, well nothing more then a stop watch. They simply head out and train. Sure they have a given work out plan to do but that's it. There is no additional waste of energy thinking. It's simple get out and do.

And that is what we should be aiming for, the simple get out and train. Other then a stopwatch dump the excess technology and just train.