Sunday, September 13, 2015

Guide Filing

It takes time to find the right part to meet your application. It is not always easy to do this. Especially when you are not exactly going to fit and forget.

The Mistress V1 has needed a chain guide for sometime which sounds easy. Till you factor in that I will more than likely be needing to modify whatever I get to meet my needs. Made even more challenging when dealing with ISCG old mountings. So knowing I will need to modify in some way it gets a little hard to consider paying $50-100 for new. So lots of stalking EBay and Pinkbike to meet my needs. With many false starts on Pinkbike's buy and sell.

Finally got my hands on a Race Face guide for $20. Once it arrived it was to the work shop to start the mods.

Lower guide parts where not needed so to work with the hacksaw we went. While not pretty it is simple and effective. After cutting a little bit of filing to remove any rough edges and such.

Next phase....mounting.

And installation of cranks with a quick neighbourhood street text.

Rode Route 66 and nary a chain drop. Did some downhill runs today and no chain drop.