Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Concubine Conversion

Today switched the Concubine from suspension to rigid fork for Cross. It will be much more efficient for this type of racing.

There is another reason for the switch though. that being the right fork seal is now leaking oil. It started almost 2 weeks ago at the Turkey Cross. Now surprise though, they are OEM seals not the Enduro seals that are on the Mistress. Enduro seals are the best.

This winter the Mistress will be the focus of upgrades. Lots planned there. More on that later.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Despite the fact I will be racing in the Kingston Challenge in a week. I have been allowing myself this year to spend more time just playing around on the bike.

At the end of the day felt ok though am a little bummed that I cracked one of the shells on the knees. They will be replaced on Tuesday with a set of Beastgear of Pinkbike.

Tomorrow go by the shop for some housing and a front caliper, mechanical so I can have the two 29er forks with brakes all set up so I don't have to swap them every time. It becomes a simple fast swap in the future.

At this time am working on the winter parts build.

Monday, October 12, 2009


Been trying this out for the last month and have had no issues. Here's how to make it,

8 onces whater
2 teaspoons sugar
wedge of lime
2 teaspoons of Chia seeds

Mix water, sugar, and squeezed lime juice. Shake well. Add the Chia seeds and shake. Store in fridge.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Shin Basher

Came down the Circus Highway Maximus for a long Thanksgiving weekend of riding.

Planning on heading to Hamilton tomorrow to ride around. May only be some urban and stuff but still be fun time on the bike. On the way out will be picking up some foam from my buddy Singlesprocket. One sheet is a sleeping pad while the other is to be the back pad for my dirtbag modified pack

Will be racing the Durham Classic on Saturday morning. With some Don riding in the later afternoon. Hopefully see some buddies in the evening as well

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dirty Enduro

Raced Paul's Dirty Enduro on September 16th. Entered the 60k distance.

My weapon of choice was the Concubine with her 4 week old suspension fork. i can definitely say that my hands and forearms still took a beating . But nothing like it could have been if I had gone completely rigid.

Sadly I got to wrapped up in race mode and forgot to pace myself. One needs to keep in mind at all times the distance. This meaning 60 km is along way and muscling to many hills in the wrong gear can screw up your race.

At the 40 km point the outside tendons on my knees basically locked up. So climbing was a chore. Took way longer to finish due to this. But I learned a lesson, don't go to hard.

The decision has been made that for next year I will be doing only the 30km distance,