Monday, July 14, 2008

Crank Cracker

Sunday the 13th was the 2nd running of the Crank Cracker in the Don Valley. This would be my first race in 2 years and my first real bike race.

Ziggy of ZM Cycle and Fitness started this race in 2007 because he wanted to see more races in the Toronto area. The race was a low key affair similar to the races years ago, even old school timing. No chips used at all.

The course was a 5km loop that was done 6 times for those of us in the 30k distance. And of course 6 times up the Sewage Plan Hill. Sadly the previous nights precipitation kept most away from the race. Which was too bad as the course was fairly dry and rideable.

Since it was my first bike race I went in just to see how I would do nothing more. Wasn't planning anything other then to simply ride my own race and keep the RFM going at my own pace.

This plan was good as I was pretty consistent for the 6 laps. Which resulted in me getting the 3rd spot on the podium.

Standing on the podium.

The new Salsa bars where great and did their job well. With the bar ends really helped with the race and climbing.