Sunday, March 29, 2009


 Not much riding due to the weather, well trail ate least. More just on the road.

 But have been thinking. For the Mistress I'm thinking of not going with DMR's X Type cranks. But using the same cranks I'll be putting on the 29er. The DMR Crisis cranks, mostly due to cost as the Crisis are almost a $100 less and I have a BB already. But will be making he final decision tomorrow when  check the numbers.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Mud

 First time the rocks have been clear since December.

The Mistress.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Coffee With TBHC

 Today at work worked on a bike from Trail Blazers Cycles from Toronto. It is a long closed shop on Danforth that was cool and had some of the best mechanics in town. Especially the suspension genius Supafly Terry.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

 The last 36 hours was hectic. Was called into work at the base at the last minute. So cancelled today's ride out at Collins Bay. But will be able to ride there on Tuesday.

 Now have the brake line on the way, so will be able to have the rear brake up and running as soon as I get the brake line.

 No pic's this weekend so far. Have been to busy to do any.

 Have found another event to do over the April 5th weekend.  On the 5th  in Hilton Falls is the A;; Weather Challenge put on by WOW.  Decisions, decisions. I will make the decision tomorrow after talking with OCA to make sure my license fees went through.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Toronto Skills Park

Today was an interesting bit, let's correct that. It was exciting news. On it was revealed that the city of Toronto is looking to build a skills park for mountain biking. This is big news to Ontario's mountain bike community.

Hope of Zyme

Today was out at CB riding in the new trail.

Dirty Mistress.

Have some new stuff on the way all the way from Britain. a Hope brake is coming. All that I need right now will be a bigger disc for the front and some longer brake line for the rear.

The other stuff on the way is a couple of items from the Scottish bike clothing maker Endura. A pair of shorts and a pair of knickers are on the way.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Muscle Head

Today was another fun day at work.

After a bit of work I finally seemed to have solved the problem with my crank arm and spider interface. It seems that a spacer may have been missing. The first attempt was a failure and after pulling the crank. After further thought reversed the two spacers. After tightening everything and spinning the cranks, no binding. So now only the ride in the morning will tell.

Ordered the DMR Crisis cranks for the 29er, they are similar to the old Cheiftains though this version will work with an ISIS BB. This keeps it light yet strong. Don't come with chain rings though which is fine. Especially since I run a 24T with a 36T in the front.

I the morning I have to draw in some trails markings on a map for a couple of guys who want to check out the area. Got to encourage people to ride trails. The more numbers we have the stronger the voice with the city.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Quest for Brakes of Hope

So have the new front wheel for the 29er. And jut need to fixe the other one and all will be good in that area.

Now begins the quest for a rear brake for the Mistress. have pads on the way for the front brake. However need to find a Hope rear brake. Sure I'm searching ebay as we speak but who wants to pay $100 for the old C2's or Mini's? Man, in this economy one's gotta be more frugal. So unless I receive a large donation or Hope actually sponsors me. I guess I'm left to groveling my buddies.

The decision for racing has been made. The race of suffering will be the Uxbridge Icebreaker and right now I'm looking at doing it on the Mistress for 60km. The Iron Man distance especially with a 30lb bike. Hmm, anyone want to donate a Hope rear for the race.

Am I obsssessed with getting a Hope rear or what?

Though right now I'm needing to get an adapter so that the C2 I have can be mounted on my fork. it's a post mount of course, which makes things much harder. Kind of like watching team Dicky actually train.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Headwind XR

Today was a fair bit windy. It was a grunt to get home. But that made it only more of a good ride home.

Went by the shop today to pick up the new stem. Truvativ XR 90mm with a 12 degree rise. Mounted it when I got home from work. Just doing the lean on the wall mount test it feels good. Not as hunched over as before. So we shall see what happens next with set up. The Blackspire stem I pulled goes into the bin for the next bike, that of course being the EWR.

Also swapped discs in the rear tonight. Basically a bent one for a less bent one. Really need to get a better disc this weekend. Especially since it looks like I'll be racing it as well. It being the mistress of course. And less rub will mean more fast.

On a training positive a couple of people I know at work mentioned I look like I have lost weight. That is good as it means training is going my way.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Time Waste

What ever happened to a business not bullshitting over the phone? There once was a time when one could phone a business and get an honest answer. Well, it seems to be no more. Wasted an hour today chasing a handlebar shim for the new stem. Fuck I hate bullshit.

Rode some connector bits today as I did errands. I can tell that the present stem is just to low, neck tightness and late night back spasms tell the tale. But it looks like it will take a couple of extra days to get a second shim. The sad news is it looks like I will have to pull the one of the 29er to use the new stem this weekend.

I don't think I mentioned this. But I can really notice a lack of strength from nearly a year of not riding the Mistress. There seems to be a advantage to hauling and moving a beast like that. Plus let's not forget that because it requires more strength to ride it means one burns more fat in the end.

In regards to April race plans. Well 'm still waiting on some final details. Though if it takes much longer I'll be using the Independent Contractor provided by Wee, Fokkum, and Howe.

In the parts category, am looking at getting my hands on some older Hope brakes. That way i will have Hope both front and back. The big plus with Hope is they still use the same fittings. Which means if I want to I can replace the levers.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Frozen DMR of Pain

Ok, who ordered more suffering?

Today at the shop swapped out the Isis BB and cranks. Installed a DMR BB and crankset , am looking for more power and less flex. Already noticed that the bike was putting out way more with the cranks.

BB shell after pulling the BB,

The DMR cranks after mounting.

I'll be eventually like the 29er be installing a external BB. I'll be looking at mounting the DMR Extype cranks to do the job. I like how little they flex and the fact they are bomb proof. The nice thing with my local distributor is they don't include the BB. Which means I can choose my own. And it that regard I will be looking for the Hope BB.

I'll be replacing the busted spoke on Saturday at work on the 29ers front wheel. Though hopefully that will become the back up as I pick up the new one on Thursday. And on Friday be picking up the replacement stem from the shop and the derr as well.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Dirt Bag Tip

On the Mistress' front fork is a QR20 hub system. It's one with a redundant QR system. Redundant, well of course since long ago they added the anti lawsuit devices. So how to solve the proble.

Well after digging through a parts bin found me one of those replacement skewers people use to prevent wheel theft. It has a 5mm allen head instead of a QR. After a quick check of all the important details. Gave it a try and it works. No money spent and a quick and easy solution to a problem.

And one bonus is a saved an ounce, as if it matters on a beast bike.

Hope n Pauls

Today went out to Collins bay for a bit of a ride and trail work. Though it was mostly trail work, cleaning blowdown off the new trail. And the new trail is ready for the season to begin.

Alcohol Fueled

The guy's at Chromag Bikes have got some seat collars and wheel QR's now. Those will be on the Mistress upgrade list.

The other parts I'm looking at over the next year will be a selection of goodies from Hope and Paul's components. I would like to have full Hope brakes and hubs within the year. Hopefully on both bikes. And of course have a winter set of non hope hubs for winter and as back up. Add to that headset and BB from Hope as well. Guess I'm a bit of a snob in that area.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Stems Stems

Went to work at the shop today. Placed on order the stem for the Chromag, it's a Truvativ XR. Should be here by Friday. Then the big bonus was finding out the derrailler we had in the shop will work for the future build. It's an old Suntour top pull but who cares as it is cheap and will do the job. So for about $25 got a stem and a derrialleur.

Not much else today as it was a long day of work at the shop then at the base gym.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Chromag Slumber Disturbed

Today had some change occur fast. Barely got out the door and had to come back as my front wheel on the 29er blew a spoke. Had to wake up the Mistress from her hibernation.

It seemed like it was meant to be. As by forcing me to rider it made the ride towards work harder. Though didn't have time to do the mandatory hill climb. Though there where other benefits. It made be dig out the DMR BB and cranks to take to work for Monday to install. Plus it will mean the wheels will finally get trued. And the disc's finally replaced.

Though I have realized I need to replace the stem as the one on it puts me to far forward.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Parts Quest

After I posted my build wish list for the OWB29 I have been finding some deals on parts. Specifically older stock stuff from various sources. Looking at a front derrailleur right now. Just need to check the clamp size and it may be an option. Plus when it comes to tires may have a cheaper option with the Serfas Krest 9'r tires. I recall looking at the distributers catalogue and seeing them for around $20 a tire.

Today when went for my ride was a bit disappointed as the trails are still a skating rink. I have to wait till the weekend unfortunately. So I still have to ride road for a few more days. Tomorrow will be a bit of hill work.

Dirtbag Gear Tip

With warmer weather approaching our thoughts turn to gear and warm weather riding. And with the economy not doing well and obviously cost cutting measures for most are in effect.nI'll share a cost cutter I have been doing.

When it comes to our cycling jersey's they usually come in less then a half zip. Yet for most a full zip would be better. No need to remove helmets and such. Plus in the cooler times of the year Spring and Fall it's so much easier to take off and put on layers as needed.

The down side to buying new jersey's is the cost. Yet if one goes through their closet of bike gear they have lots of jerseys. The solution is simple, find a sewing shop that specializes in outdoor gear. And have them install a full zip. It costs me abot 420 a jersey to do this. Think of many jersey's can be revitalized for the cost of a $140 jersey.

Below is my old Insport jersey I did last fall.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Frozen Chimps

From what I have learned via the world wide web, Team Dicky in Charlotte NC is feeling bit of winter nastiness and he's feeling picked on by Mother Nature. Guess he's lacking a wee bit on the testicular fortitude. I suggest the proper application of 10lbs of weights to the bike will cure him of this affliction.

On the parts front, I may have a cheaper solution for my front derrailleur. But need to take some measurements on Saturday. Hopefully it will all work out. If it does then I will save $40. Which of course will be a benefit to the frame fund.

The weather forecast for the weekend claims it will be warming up and wet. Which I doubt as the weather around in winter tends to be on the screwy side. Though with it being warm it will hopefully mean that I can get onto the local trails finally. With the melt then freeze a few weeks ago the trails are really not fun.

Plus it will hopefully mean trail work can start up again.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Freezing Count

Had to cancel the planned training day as had to rush home to deal with something. Funnily enough was reacting to someone else's failure to plan.

Tomorrow will have to ride to work hard and fast then home hard and fast to get a little bit of training. Though Joely has admited tonight that I have been taken advantage of in the last few days with all this running around.

While at the shop doing inventory have placed the order for the chain rings and the Exiwolf tires I will be needing. That way they are ordered and things are taken care of in that area. Now it just comes down to getting the fork dealt with and o the bike sooner then later.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ease of Use

When I headed out to go to work this morning at 0730 hrs discovered that the last 2 days took alot out of me. Sure I have felt sore like this but I couldn't put power to the pedals. Basically there was not a good turn over.

So, backed off and rode in easy to work. Monday will now be an easy day as well. To give my body a chance to recover from the efforts. To adapt and grow stronger.

Tomorrow I will be at the bike shop working. While there I'll be swapping out my old tire and putting on another Exiwolf from the Service Course. After continuous use since November it's looking a little bald. Plus this will hopefully be taken as a sign by Mother Nature that it is time to stop winter.