Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Circus

Nothing much. It's cold and the trails are icy, icier then last year at this point.

So have begun running a bit more to make up for it. And because of travel costs, in reality US airline fee raping. The decision was made to leave behind the bike and do a 10 day run camp. No clue yet what the plan is but I think I'll do the Krupicka method. Just simply run.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Concubine Burning

Today mounted new grips on the Concubine. Plus had the fun of playing the stem swapping game while trying to get it all dialed in. Oh,what fun. And pulled the fork to go back to rigid now that the snow has come.

But this has made me realize that the frame needs to be replaced. And am looking at the Banshee Paradox.


It is more what I like and less weight weenie.

Working right now on getting my hands on a suitcase to transport my wheels to Florida in a week and a half.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

New Parts

Got some new parts to install on the Mistress.

DMR Grips

Chromag Brass Seat Collar- note the lovely brass aspects.

The grips are great. They do the same job as the ODI lock ons but at a mere $20 compared to the $40 of ODI's offerings. The seat collar works well but needs a bit of something to prevent it from spinning when changing seat height.

Next upgrade planned will be a Hope external BB to go with the DMR Exalt cranks I have in the parts bin. Also during the winter I will be replacing the seals on the Hope C2 front of mine as well.

Right now am looking for work in January to help with the rest of the upgrades I have planned.