Friday, December 21, 2012

Wool Arm Warmers... Endura vs Defeet

 I have 2 pairs of wool arm warmers in use in the gear pile. One newer pair from Endura and the older DeFeet pair. So now comes the question.. how do they hold up to each other and which pair does the better job.

The Endura Baa Baa pair are my newest pair. Ordered I admit because I had left them at my in laws and needed some before I could get them from Toronto.  First thing I noticed was that they are a muche thinner build. With as you can see in the pic thin vents on the inside elbow. And one feature they have is little silicone like dots at the upper arm to help decrease drift down the arm.

 I have noticed that they are not as effective when it gets colder say down to plus 4. The thin layer doesn't trap as much heat in. Plus the other down side is the wool easily begins having that pulled look. While it seems minor it is a potential concern as it may be to easy to have it pull apart.

 The Defeet's I have had since 2008 and are of course Merino Wool Just like the Endura's but is a much thicker build and as you see in the pic it does not have any venting. And unfortunately it does not have any silicone dots near the upper part to prevent any downwards drift.

The Defeet's because of the tight weave do not suffer from pulling and do not show much in the way of wear despite 4 years of being used and hauled around in hydration packs. And they are much warmer then the Endura's which in our Canadian climate is a huge bonus.

So the end result is the DeFeet's are the winner hands down.  While the Endura's are okay for the not so cold days the Defeet's are much more usable overall. So in the end the Endura's will go to back up duty while the defat's will continue as the gold standard.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

2012 Dundas Monstercross

The date was set for the 2012 edition of the Dundas Monstercross and the date chosen by Marc was October 27th. Which seemed like a normal date like in past editions of this ride. Maybe it was to close to Halloween this year. With Roger the Raincloud on Friday night making threatening moves to spoil the fun on Saturday. And it would be at 7am on Saturday to see if the ride would be a go despite Roger Raincloud.

 And in the morning it was a go for the Monstrecross on a rain route. So it was out the door to get to Dundas and Roger Raincloud did his best to not let me get there.  But got there later then planned so it was a quick change in Cafe Domestique and grabbing the ill prepared Kaffenback. Ill prepared as I had been lazy on Friday night and not changed the front tire for something a bit knobbier. And lazy as I had also put off getting a replacement knobby for the one I wore out in the Spring. So this would make it a bit harder ride then usual on CX tires designed for non wet, leaf covered  soggy clay.

  So with 19 other Flahutes it was off for the route and to see how wet one good get. Of course modified for the conditions though as some sections would become mud pits with the storm. It was definitely a day where the ducks where smarter.

  Of course thanks to my poor tire choice I had to mince my way on the wet clay trail sections. Though it did make up for it on the Rail Trail and road sections.  But nary a whine or snivel from me as I made my choices and one has to deal with their results. Which can either be good or bad in the end. But it is all part of the journey and fun.

After a crash due and a wee bit of road it was down Sydenham Hill into the Dundas Valley. And to Vafe Domestique to change out of water logged gear , grab a warm drink, and get the car to head over to Garage Monster HQ for burrito's and to see little Theo for the first time.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Trail Food Log

Needed a little mental health break after work so cut through the farm field to the Beeratorium.

Nature's head banger.

                              Lunch stop.