Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sex and Surprises

Today bike wise took care of the problem I had with my hands going numb at the race. Did an old school trick with electrical tape and a couple of short pieces of housing. The housing when taped to the bar will help create a small spot for my hand to rest and take some pressure off. Plu will help increase the overall grip size. Used Oury grips as I like the feel of them.

Now this will make my resume my training easier.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Slower Then Baby Snot

Sent this below in an email to my buddy Matt.

Was thinking more about my 2 laps I rode for Phil's team today.

When I consider the fact it's been 2 years since I raced in any capacity I didn't do to bad. Hell, my bike still wasn't set up properly as was obvious from the hand issues. Then let's add the fact that I haven't done any night riding lately.

Hydration was definetly an issue. The Camelbak Podium bottles while ok for training suck for racing. When riding hard at race pace and sucking wind it takes too much effort to drink compared to a regular bottle.

Though the 2 laps confirmed 2 other things. The first being that I should actually use a flat bar and a set of bar ends. It's really something I missed while climbing and such.

The other thing those 2 laps confirmed for me is a suggestion made to me in 94 that I should race bikes. It would have been a good idea but at that time in life I wasn't mentally in the right place to give it a proper go. Then 3 years ago Joely after a Duathlon where I opened up a huge gap on others in my age group on the bike said the same thing. Then of course took a 2 year lay off from any type of racing. This year I was looking at doing a couple of races mostly to have something to do. But those 2 laps though at least 10 minutes slower then Tweeks finally convinced me that it's worth giving it a go. So finally 14 years later I'm going to give mtb racing a go.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Summer Solstice

Matt had some issues and had to pull out of the Solo race at Albion this weekend. Definetly sucked for him but these things happen.

So was able to hook up with a buddies team and put in a couple of laps. The laps where about 17.67 km. First was done in about 59 minutes and the second was a few minutes slower.

Now I wanna race some more. Though I have a few set up issues I need to sort. Need new flat bar and to replace the shitty WTB grips as my hands numbed out on the 2 laps.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


A couple of days late but here is more on the Tuesday night race.

The course was a preview of the Summer Solstice 24Hr course. It's not as flat as some would have others believe. Myself took my time as it was my first race in over 2 years. So of course didn't make the 30 minute cut off at the bridge. But thats fine as by doing this race gave me an idea where I'am in my training.

So now I need to work on 3 things. They being bodyweight, ride speed, and bike set up. The bike set up I need to get some new grips as the present pair caused my hands to go numb part way through the race, However have a solution for that but will keep that a secret. Now this will be the easy part.

Now the harder part will be the weight and ride speed. I'll have a plan for next week to work on that. Though now have another purpose when it comes to the weight, got 4 weeks to lose 20lbs before my parents come out for Gabby's birthday.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ass On A Platter

Did my first race after a 2 year lay off and was fun. Now that all the nicities are dealt with, I'm man enough to admit that I got my ass handed to me on a platter.

Since it's late, the Cliff notes version.

-Not enough high cadence riding in training
-carrying 20lbs extra
-Need to drink more H2O
-Lousy start, well that was delibrate to keep in my first race
-Need to ride faster more often

More tomorrow when i have had some time to rest.

Monday, June 16, 2008


It's the week of the Summer Solstice 24 Hours. Spent part of the day running errands in regards to this. Though was still able to get in roughly 90 minutes of bike time.

After some thought I had a realization. WTF am I doing worrying about a lightweight tubeless wheels? Come on, use my goddam head. Sometimes my coach thinks I'm retarded. After listening to the coach's screaming fit I realized he's right. First order of business is get down to 190lbs then worry about tubeless wheels. Till then it's a waste of dollars. And he's right.

I heard a comment once about worrying about lighter bike parts. Most people who worry about that need to really lose the body weight not the bike weight. The bodyweight having the best bang for the dollar.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


So have taken care of one June goal, got the replacement IPod. Now long periods on the bike won't be as long. Now to take care of the race licence next Monday.

Other then that, nothing else to report.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Heat Wave

Been busy since the move with work and such. Not much time for writing.

Fell off the no Frapp wagon for the last week so as of midnight Sunday night no more till after the 8 Hour. This time it's succeed or fail.

Now, we begin equipment selection. My next goal is will be to build up a set of tubeless wheels for the race. Gotta get as light as possible. Though more will need to be done around me losing some weight as I need to to ride better.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Just got the internet back after moving to a new apartment.

Now have the 29er going and have made some mods. Will post up pic's later in the week.

The goals for the month,

1. Ride 4,000 minutes or more.
2. Buy $40 race license
3. Pay 8 hour fee
4. Fit enduro shorts
5. Replace Ipod Shuffle.