Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ice Thaw Weekend

Last weekend was a road trip to Scarborough and a oppurtunity to ride in a couple of different places thanks to Joely having to work at Durham College. The Saturday afternoon was a trip to Greenwood where i have yet to ride. Well it was more of a packed snow ride then anything else.

                                  The creek on a winter day.

                           The Mistress taking a wee rest.             

  Thanks to the dog walkers for doing all the boot packing.

                      Time to drop a layer as it was getting warm.

 While it looked like a luge track the reality was other wise. As there was a thin layer of soft slush that allowed traction.

 Sunday's ride was to an area I have been before but always with a group. And when with a group you end up going at their pace not at yours. Which leads to less checking things out.

                  The CP Rail line to the bridge over the valley.

  Been at this look out a few times. Though this time missed by about 15 minutes actually seeing a CP train come over the bridge.

                  Just like Saturday the conditions where like.

               Still better then sitting at a busy cafe in Scarborough.

                       Next time will ride the rocks. But not today.

 Nothing spectacular for a weekend of riding. But have 2 places to return to later in the year as want to ride it more. Plus there is a trail following the CP rail line and an abandoned one that connects the Rouge with the Seaton Trail area.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wet Concrete

And yet another day with another ride out at Collins Bay in the Wet Concrete snow from yesterday's snow fall. Though this time didn't take the DH run.

Though I noted a couple of spots where some more moving of dead fall is needed the next time I'm out. Which unfortunately won't be till next week.

 Arriving via the mail came a package that included the 2 seals needed to finish the rebuild of my Hope Mini's. 

 Also in the same envelope came this Hope light bracket for handlebars.  This is for a simple modification to mount the Cree light on my bars without using the annoying rubber elastic.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

2.5 Minion Grind

What is one to do when it snows a bit of West Coast Powder type snow in Ontario? Go ride in it.

                                     2.5 DH tires worked well.

                                       Hmmm.. I see skin.

                                               Found the log.

                                    Yep it's West Coast powder.

                                    Fresh track on the mini DH.

Saturday, March 16, 2013


With the weather being funky with the temps and working alot more thanks to the contract job I got. Not alot going on riding wise other then to and from work. And we all know how mind numbing sitting on a trainer is so I won't say more on that.

 New part arrived...MRP XCG BB mount guard or Taco as some call it. Hmmm.. seems to be lacking a bit on the Taco spicy sauce and Salsa. But we shall see how it works and will report back on whether the flavouring is up to snuff.

 This also led us to a chain ring and spider swap. As I went to four bolt as it is getting a bit difficult to get the old 5 bolt pattern. Looks like it needed a good cleaning as the gunk levels where a bit high.

                    Warm evening post work ride as the sun set.
             Spotted nature's head banger busy looking for dinner.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Spring Shadow

 This morning headed out for a 39 minute ride on the CX bike.  It was a shorts ride. 

Hmm...I think this year it is time to get my hands on a set Retroshifters. Especially since I never actually use the drops. And fortunately have a second P/T to make that happen.

                    Drafting the shadow. Turns out he had no beer.

                  Me thinks I need a new cap...white is ugh.

                            The snob part of town.

Mountain Feedbag

Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Holy Altar of Contributing

In the last few years I have observed and experienced an increasing trend in mountain biking. Maybe because I am an old grouch but it bothers me how it has become this holy grail of mountain biking contribution.

When I say contribution I'm talking giving back. Go to any forum these days and you will see endlessly the same dogma you must attend meetings or trails days. If you don't do either then basically shut up and be silent. If you dare question it some how becomes a personal attack. And this to me is the wrong attitude to have at all as this does not encourage riders to do anything else other then ride. Let's face reality, for me if I want that type of talk I'll go to work more because I will at least receive a pay cheque for it.
In a perfect riding world there would be multiple trail days and everyone could do that as well as attend meetings. But reality is not everyone can go to meetings or do trail days. Lack of time, family, and who knows what else gets in the way. Some riders are great at speaking at public meetings while their buddy can organize a trail repair crew and work day no problem.

Sure I understand that the trail day where a large group shows up is important but using that as the standard for contribution is poor. Because it is easy to put on a show that everyone else sees. But in reality it is a small window on giving back or contributing. And if we as a whole expand our idea of contributing more oppurtunities open up. My buddy Marshall has never done a trail day or attended a meeting. But he is the guy everyone know's who organizes the weekend group rides and does the post ride BBQ's at the DJ's.

 Not everyone has the patience to attend meetings while navigating government bureaucracy. I know I sure don't but I know people who can. And they are good at it. Yet there are others out there who you will never see at a trail day yet you will see their contribution appear. Those trail sections with overgrowth and low branches trimmed back are the only sign. Because at the end of the day all that really matters is you did something to contribute.

 Go ahead, be the guy who organizes group rides or carries hand clippers and a folding pruning saw.