Friday, May 31, 2013

The Divorce

After years of using Shimano SPD's and the East Cup Kingston Mud trot it came to a head that enough was enough. No longer could the barely working in claggy mud that would be better described as something a potter would use to make a clay bowl. It comes to that point that it becomes self abuse to continue using something that just simply after being carefully measure to be found wanting.

I mean if you look at the pic just of the front chain ring you get a picture of the situation.

 The pedals barely held the cleats. The clay is still in there days later. Sorry, Shimano you are out of time. You may work great in the rain forests of Cascadia with it's mud of decayed leaves and such. But when confronted by clay you leave much to be desired. And coming up short is no longer acceptable.

 So you have been dumped from the Mistress as no longer do we feel the love for Shimano SPD's. You have become like that moment of waking up and sobriety has finally arrived and you can't get outta there fast enough.

Time has shown that they will not come up wanting when it comes to Ontario Claggy Mud. And are now on the Cross bike as well as the Mistress. No longer will I be cursing Shimano for the failures in the mud.

 Shimano..good bye and good riddance. Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.