Sunday, June 12, 2016

North Fredericksburgh Crown Land Revisited

Last December when we had no snow took took a road trip to near Napanee to do a Recce ride of the North Frederickburgh Crown Land that was told about from one of the other MTB Kingston members.

North Fredericksburgh Crown Land

 Sunday May 29th was able to take a road trip back to Napanee to revisit this location. Keeping in mind it was swamps and may not have many ride able options for routes even this time of year.


Leaving the parking area which was definitely cleaner that in December. It was drier than in December so was looking up that I might find something rideable. Came up to the ATV club coverall with three choices. And as I recall took the straight ahead option which lead to bod. So went right.

Left, straight, or right......Choices.

Was definitely dry the track I chose which crossed under the Napanee-Kingston hydroline. And the track crossed back into the trees heading in the direction of the 401. Which you could hear.

Looks promising
Took a look down a fork to the left and it came out right at the fence beside the 401. So had to kack track as it didn't look interesting.

Dull 401

Followed the track that went right that pretty much went straight back till it passed a farm house on riders right. Which spit me out on Switzerville Road. When I looked back hidden in the trees was the sign...."Unmaintained Road..Blah blah blah blah". May as well say "Unused road...explore"

Sign should say.....
Took Switzerville Road back to the trail head and went back in. Found a track that came out at the Duck Unlimited Pond one can see by the 401 on the south side.

Ducks Unlimited Pond

And on the way back just to keep it stupid took a questionable path that required me to hop through a swamps.

In the end while nothing majorly exciting here. There is a short loop one can put together here...

Good for a short spin when am in town. Or could possibly add a bit of mileage if parking at say the Tims by the 401 in Napanee and riding there and back.