Tuesday, February 24, 2009


It's about a month away from the first event of the year, the Uxbridge Icebreaker. And the weather isn't in any way being co-operative with training.

Hard to do speed work in the cold.

This week while replacing the crappy BB GT had installed I decided on a gearing change. The gear plan is to pull the 22T granny and replace with a 26T granny. which for Ontario hills will be adequate for my needs. And of course it will be steel as I tend to destroy those less.

Hopefully by mid March I will have also got the suspension fork on the way. Though at this point it may not make it here in time for Uxbridge. Kind of sad as it will make doing the 60k a little less abusive to the body. The good news though is that by the weekend I will have picked up my front wheel. So will now have 2 front wheels. Then all that is left is getting another set of Rhyno's to build up. Which will be on hopefully Hope Hubs.