Tuesday, August 11, 2015

2015 Black and Decker.

From a first week of July road trip. Life got in the way and am behind.

5 years ago I road tripped to Brockville to ride the Black and Decker trails. And after a 5 year absence got to ride them again.

First trip. which was followed by the Second Trip to ride the Canadian shield rock at Black and Decker. All info for Black and Decker was found in the Rider Mel's Guide Book.
The map in Mel's book is older so some trails may have changed or maybe new as I did come across some new trail that was a work in progress. 

Some things are the same...the rock...the bugs....the quad track mud bogs. But some stuff has changed. Some features are gone and some sections are more overgrown.

But the rock lines are still just as hard as 5 years ago and require the same skill and focus to clean as then. You can't short cut riding here. Let your focus down on the rock lines and you eat rock. But like it did 5 years ago the Reborn Mistress ate it up.

And with the return of the Mistress, the original. Have been riding her more as she requires more strength to ride and effort as she is a burlier build. Unlike Mistress V2, who is more svelte and emphasis on going for longer with less effort. And in the lead up to Paul's this year want more strength and such that only riding the original Mistress will develop.

Focus needs focus or Eat It.

Could tell I am still getting used to the Mistress as some stuff I know I nailed before am a little rusty in skill.

Found out that there is a pump track on Brockville as well now so will have to make another trip. Also because they have a Brockville weekly races. Would be a good time to go and get a wee push speed wise.