Wednesday, December 24, 2008


 Merry Christmas To All.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Snow Train

 Well, winter has hit us with a vengeance.  Minus 20 with snow. Very interesting training indeed.

 Sure it's cold. But it's still better then staring at walls and TV's.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Winter Cross

It's that time of year when it snows an the trails turn to ice. Which especially in the Don makes riding a bit dicy.

So after looking at my options came up with a new component to winter training. I'll be adding a once a week cross session at a park. Even in summer with the dismounts and running it's a workout. So this will be a beneficial addition. Especially to pass the winter with.

Speaking of Cross. Here's some winter viewing to help pass the time away. 9 Ball Diaries trailer with Tim Johnson.

And for those who don't know what cross is here's a couple of intro's.

It's an activity invented by Belgies bored with their normal winter training.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Day Off

Decided to take a day off from training. Will resume the work tomorrow when I'm fresh minded.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Camelbak Podium Bottle

Last June got my hands on one of the new podium Bottles from Camelbak. Interesting bottle primarily because of the valve. The bite valve is made from medical grade silicone and is a one way valve. One feature is the valve can be locked so as it won't leak say in your pack, though have not had to test it out.

It takes a little getting used to using in that one squeezes the bottle to get water. Unlike the older type where it comes out easily when the bite valve is open. So far have had no issues with trail crud getting into the water.

One other nice thing with the plastic Camelbak is using is no plastic taste. Especially when one leaves water in the bottle over night. Now to see how it will handle winter.

December Challenge

So here it is, for December the training commitee has decreed the December Trg Challenge. The goal is simple ride every day and as much time as possible. Regardless of weather.

Some shots from the ride.

A wee stop.

Trying something new on the bike. Will be replacing the Oury grips with some Yeti Speed grips. We shgall see how this works.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Negative Numbers

Winter has finally hit in the last couple of days. Time to pull the trail tools out of the woods and wait for the thaw.

Salsa Cycles has a new 29er this fall. It's the Fargo, for the Adventure Rider,

This would appear to be another frame option for me. Hmm, maybe instead of a EWR. Time will tell what I do.

Meanwhile in the world that is Team NFI racing training is beginning to slowly come together. Though the cold is a bit of a challenge we shall not be deterred. Unlike Circlip the resident excuseologist who seems to have found alot of reasons to slack off.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fresh Cut Trail

Started resurrecting an old trail I found out here. Looks like it was forgotten. It looks like it will take quite awhile but got all the time in the world.

And so begins the training for next year.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Pic dug up from 2 winters ago ride in the Don.

Just read Dean Karnazes book 50/50 a book he wrote on his experiences while completing the 50 marathons in 50 days challenge.
Not much training of the hard core type lately. More just getting out and simply riding the bike. Plus some trail building.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Crunchy Leaves

Been taking it easy on my rides lately. Basically just heading out and simply riding and playing around.

This week had the chance finally to do some trail work. Specifically to finish cutting the entrances to the new trail. Now just need to cut a opening in a fence line.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Kingston Cross Challenge

Today was the Kingston Cross Challenge and my last event of the season. Came 15th out of 25 in my category.

A little different then I'm used to as we got to race the full hour instead of getting pulled when we where lapped. That was kind of nice for a change. Gave me a chance to put in some extra time and gain some more experience.

Briana doing the staircase.

The important part of Cross, BEER.

Today was the Kingston Cross Challenge and my last event of the season. Came 15th out of 25 in my category.

A little different then I'm used to as we got to race the full hour instead of getting pulled when we where lapped. That was kind of nice for a change. Gave me a chance to put in some extra time and gain some more experience.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Don Rats Racing

Last night did some Cross training with the guy's from Cycle Solutions. Was good, was able to work on my barrier hopping technique. Then afterwards had the mandatory race you to Jet Fuel session.

Also picked up my new jersey for Don Rats Founded by a bunch of Don riders who simply love mountain biking and of course drinking beer. Plans are under way for domination of 2009.

Misfit head man Peter, in response to your question, ye the jersey makes you look soft.

Be forewarned Don Rats Racing is challenging you for late night mayhem.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


First time I have had access to a computer in a few days.

Raced my first Cross race today. Did well, only entered with the expectation of it being a training event. So didn't kill myself. Plus it was a chance to interact with the crew from Angry Johnny's Racing.

Got an invite to join them for thursday night's Cross training session. I will be definetly be joining them for that.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Another day and the fall rains have come. Time to break out the rain kit.

Did an easy spin today, nothing spectacular. Tomorrow will be the hammer day.

So the Kingston Challenge is on, appropriate as we are now in the rain and mud season. Time to break out the infamous Belgium Knee Warmers. Wonder if I will need to up the embrocation level this year from Tiger Balm to something stronger? We will have to see.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Cold Snap Recce

Over the last few days have been slowly doing some recce rides seeking out new trails.

Found a few that I have marking on a map for future knowledege. Basically trying to build up some local knowledge for the future. Gotta keep the routes some what fresh. Plus options available for longer route's in the future.

Now just need to keep the stockpiling for next season. Looking at some other stuff for next year as well.

More later when I have a firmer schedule.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sgt Say's

Today's ride was good. The coach had me some simple hill repeats. Well simple as in that was the plan. But it wasn't simple afterwards.

Had to do 6 intervals on Base hill. Basically go as hard as I can for 15 recover on the DH section. Then immediatly with no pause do it again. Did it 6 times. Definetly felt like puking on the last 2.

The ride home wasn't fun was bonking a bit.

Cold of Change

It appears that Fall has come early hear to Kingston. It was plus 5 this morning, way to early for cold at this time of year. Almost time to break out the Belgian Knee Warmers.

Yesterday did a 2 hour ride. Decided to chek out the K&P Rail Trail. It was ok but definetly not my thing. Way to boring and unstimulating. Though there is a nice long uphill on it with training potential for future consideration.

Race whise, planning on doing a local cross race on the 19th for fun. This will be a definite first for me.

Tonights ride will be some hill repeats at Fort Hill. I believe 5 will suffice.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Puke and Repeat

Today was speed day. Meaning ride as hard as I could to work. Then ride hard as I could post work.

Felt pretty good. Though had to stop it in the evening as I blew another spoke. That makes 25 so far. Man the GT rear wheel sucks.

Not much else today.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cool Air

Well, training is ok. and getting a schedule back. Couple of days a week I'll be getting up early to ride for an hour. Just to make life a bit easier.

Sadly, I had to cancel doing Paul's Dirty Enduro this year. It was out of financial necesity. Then to add insult it seems like, the replacement race in Trenton was cancelled. Sheesh this years has been really tough for scheduling races.

So now have to look to training for next year. Though I think I can do the local Cyclocross race in October though.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Moods and Seasons

Been lazy again.

Been doing lots of changes and such in the last 3 weeks. Most of it job related.

Training has been somewhat good. Am doing the Paul's Dirty Enduro on the 20th, the full 60km distance. Need one big race before the end of the season. Now just need to make some equipment decisions for the event.

The guy's at Eastern Woods Research have adapted their frame to the 29er wheel size. The OWB 29 is looking good.

And then looking to add a RST M29 fork to it. Kind of looking at these for next year. The forks more to save the joints from impact.

The coach's have added a new component to my training, Paintball. More about that later.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dirty Enduro

Since I had to cancel the 8 Hour Enduro locally. I have replaced it with Paul's Dirty Enduro, entered in the 60km category. Lot's of suffering.

Lot's on the go,

Rough outline of plans for 2009
Building new wheelset
Job change

Just to name a few.

However training hasn't been great in the last 2 weeks. Problems with work have been allowed to interfere. However those problems have been rectified.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Another fun filled week. Had booked off the 16th for the 8 Hour Enduro that J&J Cycles was putting on. Well, was forced to cancell today as he 6 weeks after the fact decreed I race and basically lose my job.

Well, after that will be making a decision tomorrow about work. Let's just say it doesn't look good.

Training has been ok. Though am looking at Paul's Dirty Enduro as a replacement. Specifically the 60km option.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Been absent for a few weeks. Life has a habit of getting in the way.

Not much to report since the Crank Cracker. Other then have some new jersey's on the way. Oh, and upon the advice of coach have taken up paintball. Coach reminded me that I need something else to do other then train and race.

Well, training is going well, though like most things could have gone a little better.

Now comes the lead up to the 17th.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Crank Cracker

Sunday the 13th was the 2nd running of the Crank Cracker in the Don Valley. This would be my first race in 2 years and my first real bike race.

Ziggy of ZM Cycle and Fitness started this race in 2007 because he wanted to see more races in the Toronto area. The race was a low key affair similar to the races years ago, even old school timing. No chips used at all.

The course was a 5km loop that was done 6 times for those of us in the 30k distance. And of course 6 times up the Sewage Plan Hill. Sadly the previous nights precipitation kept most away from the race. Which was too bad as the course was fairly dry and rideable.

Since it was my first bike race I went in just to see how I would do nothing more. Wasn't planning anything other then to simply ride my own race and keep the RFM going at my own pace.

This plan was good as I was pretty consistent for the 6 laps. Which resulted in me getting the 3rd spot on the podium.

Standing on the podium.

The new Salsa bars where great and did their job well. With the bar ends really helped with the race and climbing.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Ping and Spoing

Must have torqed really hard at one point on Sunday's 5 hour ride. Busted 2 spokes during Monday's 2 hour session. Had to limp my way into work this morning. Felt good though after the 5 hours. Though sadly wasn't able to use the new bar as UPS dicked me around.

Now need to consult with C&F team to plan out some weight loss measures. Though it will be on conjunction with some higher volume training as well. Gotta remember that it takes longer to lose the weight then to gain it.

Sold my Planet X off and will be building for my buddy Andrew's girlfriend who will be riding it.

Tomorrow will take pic's of my new 29er and the mods.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Few days away. Been lazy with the pic's but will start fixing that this weekend.

Ordered the new Salsa bars from the crew at Universal Cycles. Couldn't get it up here in Canada as no one is a distributer. But these are the bars,

Should be good for some racing especially since now I can add the new position with bar ends. Now will increase my hand positions.

Have decided to enter the Crank Cracker race in the Don July 13th. This should be a fun event. Barely any training this year to do it. But hey, it's a crash course in learning the hard way.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sex and Surprises

Today bike wise took care of the problem I had with my hands going numb at the race. Did an old school trick with electrical tape and a couple of short pieces of housing. The housing when taped to the bar will help create a small spot for my hand to rest and take some pressure off. Plu will help increase the overall grip size. Used Oury grips as I like the feel of them.

Now this will make my resume my training easier.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Slower Then Baby Snot

Sent this below in an email to my buddy Matt.

Was thinking more about my 2 laps I rode for Phil's team today.

When I consider the fact it's been 2 years since I raced in any capacity I didn't do to bad. Hell, my bike still wasn't set up properly as was obvious from the hand issues. Then let's add the fact that I haven't done any night riding lately.

Hydration was definetly an issue. The Camelbak Podium bottles while ok for training suck for racing. When riding hard at race pace and sucking wind it takes too much effort to drink compared to a regular bottle.

Though the 2 laps confirmed 2 other things. The first being that I should actually use a flat bar and a set of bar ends. It's really something I missed while climbing and such.

The other thing those 2 laps confirmed for me is a suggestion made to me in 94 that I should race bikes. It would have been a good idea but at that time in life I wasn't mentally in the right place to give it a proper go. Then 3 years ago Joely after a Duathlon where I opened up a huge gap on others in my age group on the bike said the same thing. Then of course took a 2 year lay off from any type of racing. This year I was looking at doing a couple of races mostly to have something to do. But those 2 laps though at least 10 minutes slower then Tweeks finally convinced me that it's worth giving it a go. So finally 14 years later I'm going to give mtb racing a go.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Summer Solstice

Matt had some issues and had to pull out of the Solo race at Albion this weekend. Definetly sucked for him but these things happen.

So was able to hook up with a buddies team and put in a couple of laps. The laps where about 17.67 km. First was done in about 59 minutes and the second was a few minutes slower.

Now I wanna race some more. Though I have a few set up issues I need to sort. Need new flat bar and to replace the shitty WTB grips as my hands numbed out on the 2 laps.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


A couple of days late but here is more on the Tuesday night race.

The course was a preview of the Summer Solstice 24Hr course. It's not as flat as some would have others believe. Myself took my time as it was my first race in over 2 years. So of course didn't make the 30 minute cut off at the bridge. But thats fine as by doing this race gave me an idea where I'am in my training.

So now I need to work on 3 things. They being bodyweight, ride speed, and bike set up. The bike set up I need to get some new grips as the present pair caused my hands to go numb part way through the race, However have a solution for that but will keep that a secret. Now this will be the easy part.

Now the harder part will be the weight and ride speed. I'll have a plan for next week to work on that. Though now have another purpose when it comes to the weight, got 4 weeks to lose 20lbs before my parents come out for Gabby's birthday.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ass On A Platter

Did my first race after a 2 year lay off and was fun. Now that all the nicities are dealt with, I'm man enough to admit that I got my ass handed to me on a platter.

Since it's late, the Cliff notes version.

-Not enough high cadence riding in training
-carrying 20lbs extra
-Need to drink more H2O
-Lousy start, well that was delibrate to keep in my first race
-Need to ride faster more often

More tomorrow when i have had some time to rest.

Monday, June 16, 2008


It's the week of the Summer Solstice 24 Hours. Spent part of the day running errands in regards to this. Though was still able to get in roughly 90 minutes of bike time.

After some thought I had a realization. WTF am I doing worrying about a lightweight tubeless wheels? Come on, use my goddam head. Sometimes my coach thinks I'm retarded. After listening to the coach's screaming fit I realized he's right. First order of business is get down to 190lbs then worry about tubeless wheels. Till then it's a waste of dollars. And he's right.

I heard a comment once about worrying about lighter bike parts. Most people who worry about that need to really lose the body weight not the bike weight. The bodyweight having the best bang for the dollar.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


So have taken care of one June goal, got the replacement IPod. Now long periods on the bike won't be as long. Now to take care of the race licence next Monday.

Other then that, nothing else to report.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Heat Wave

Been busy since the move with work and such. Not much time for writing.

Fell off the no Frapp wagon for the last week so as of midnight Sunday night no more till after the 8 Hour. This time it's succeed or fail.

Now, we begin equipment selection. My next goal is will be to build up a set of tubeless wheels for the race. Gotta get as light as possible. Though more will need to be done around me losing some weight as I need to to ride better.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Just got the internet back after moving to a new apartment.

Now have the 29er going and have made some mods. Will post up pic's later in the week.

The goals for the month,

1. Ride 4,000 minutes or more.
2. Buy $40 race license
3. Pay 8 hour fee
4. Fit enduro shorts
5. Replace Ipod Shuffle.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Easy Peasy

Ended up taking an easy spind around after work. Legs felt a little tight so decided to save up my energy for Sunday's ride at Macauley.

Today put $400 down on the GT 29er. And by next Thursday it will be all paid off. Then the fun of modifying it will beigin. I'm so far thinking of some light bar ends and pulling the 44T and mounting a 36T. I think that should work for now. Then later pull the STI and replace with thumbshifters.

It's been years since I had a more distance ride MTb and set up. So this should be fun and help me break out of my training rut.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Rain and Rain

20 Day's without a Frapp
$749 towards 29er

After work rode a lap of Roger's trails. Avoided some sections as the Limestone is pretty slick there. Was a good ride for a total bike time of 119 minutes.

2 Days ago started working in a local bike shop for the summer. Just to supplement my hours at the base gym. This will help alot when it comes to the bike parts and such.

Well I'm about $80 away from getting the bike Woo Hoo. Tomorrow will go in and talk with Steve to get the paper work rolling.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Extra Work

20 Day's without a Frapp
$669 towards 29er

Started a part time job working at a local bike shop. Basically a bike assembler. not much but it helps pay for the 29er in 2 weeks. Was tired so took a trg day off.

Kept drooling over the 29er all day as I worked.

The weekend should be good and hard. Especially with the road trip to Macauleyon Sunday.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ride and 9ers

18 Day's without a Frapp
$615 towards 29er

Well a couple of days ago went into a LBS and saw the 29er I want. It's the steel GT Peace 9er. It's cheaper then anything else I have checked out. And am so close to meeting my goal of getting it.

Rode with the guy's at Collins today. Good hard ride with some good effort. The DMR V8 pedals are outstanding. Though now I may have to look into some shin armour of some kind.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Torque and Ping

10 Days With No Frapps
$586 Towards 29er

Did 3 hours in the Don today, ended up riding alone as no one was about today. Kind of peaceful though.

Time to start training harder though as of this week.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Ride till you Puke

8 Days without a Frapp
$586 towards 29er

Rode the Don for 90 minutes by myself. Bit rusty with the trails. Then hooked up with the Thursday night ride. Good hard 90 minutes of effort with a good hammer on the flats. When we hit the DJ's was coughing up stuff, though my buddy Lee was puking.

But earlier at Cycle Solutions talked with Roger and he showed me some 29ers. Looks like I'm going for the KHS 29er, nice steel frame. Though now I need to raise $563 more.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Today was not a good training day. Too much got in the way- well getting the car looked at.


7 Days without Frapps
$455 towards 29er

Maybe to day was a sign to take it easy today, to let my body rest a bit.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Oh Caffine

6 Day's without a Frapp
$250 towards 29er

It's been 6 days so far since I gave up Starbucks. Yes, I gave it up and willingly. By doing so I'll speed up the saving plan for the 29er.

I'll be going by Cycle Solutions on Thursday to say hi and to find out my 29er options. Hopefully they will be able to give me a good price. Plus am waiting for a response from the crew at Origin 8 about their frame as well. Now e just wait and see. Though I hope that the guy's at CS give me a good deal.

Oh, and according to the teams accounting department we are at $250 towards the 29er.

Also picked up my 2008 Running Free team kit. Also picked up a new race pack from Innov 8. This should meet my needs nicely for being able to do more longer rides with a lighter pack.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Gaps of Time

It's funny how things can take over and suddenly it's 4 weeks later.

Well, it's back to business. First off, new training regime from the coach. Basically follow the advise given by Eddi Merxc years ago, quite simply ride my bike more. Spend less time worrying about work outs and simply get out and ride. Sounds awfully similar to what I was doing in the 90's when I was fitter. Maybe there is something to it.

To go with that. After some further reflection and all that realized that I don't need a cross bike. The reality is that at every point I was at my fittest I wasn't riding road or crossbikes. I was riding a mountain bike. plus the cross bike position puts a fair bit of stress on my lower back. So I had to find a new tool to meet this requirement. And it's the 29er that is the big thing.

Now I need to decide between the Specialized Rockhopper 29er or the Redline.
Decisions, decsisions.... Can't forget that I won't be wanting the shifters- will be running thumbshifters.

But first need to offload all the parts I don't need now, especially since I'm getting a complete bike.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


So went by the local LBS and saw my new Cross bike. Yes, it's time for another training tool.

New cyclocross goodness that I have been missing for over a year. Plus will allow me to explore other parts of Kingston and such.

On to other things. Have been reading a new book I picked up from the states on the weekend. It's called Heft on Wheels- written by a guy who in 3 months changed his lifestyle and became the fit as hell athlete.

Been a good book and has given me some good bad ideas. The firts being the need to increase bike time. And that means I need to add some Cross bike action.

Time to start scrimping.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Self Worth

Self analysis can be depressing when one faces themselves. I say this because of the realization of what I have become.

In the last 7 months I have become everything I hate and despise. I have become fat, let's not pussy foot around like a bunch of PC fairies. Let's call it like it is. I'm flipping fat.

It's a byproduct of me dealing with various self issues by using food to feel good and deal with stress. Food and drinks have become the replacement for exercise. I used to train for hours on end plus work. Now I barely do any.

I have to ask myself is this not only what I should be like but more importantly. I say fuck no. It's time to make some flipping changes.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sun and New Parts

Finally we are seeing the sun and the snow is melting.

The new seatpost arrived in the mail and looks good so far. tried it briefly yesterday and seems good. Last night installed a section of old inner tube to keep the crud out.

Now that the sun is out the real training and riding can commence. The goal is still to lose weight by the end of May. I'm going to be trying a more Kenyan type approach.

The new issues of MBUK and Singletrack cam out over the last couple of days. Some good stuff in both. Gotta say they are way better then the mags we have here in North America.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Stealth Profile

For almost 2 weeks kept myself off the radar as I recovered from being sick. Plus the winter was getting to me.

Last Friday pulled the trigger on one of these babies,

Should be fun. It was cheap and I figure it is a good way to find out if it works for me before I actually spend $300 on a Joplin or a All Mountain Post.

So with the snow melting I can finally start ramping up my training and work on losing some weight. Plus begin an experiment I want to try this year.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Failures and Learning

It has taken me a few days to process and learn from my weight loss failure over the last month and a half. After talking with coach 2 it has been decided to try a different approach to the problem. This will fully begin once I recover from this dammed cold.

In the meantime coach has added one 20 minute walk a day to the schedule. The innuendo that came from coach was he wants me to start running in 8 weeks.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Food and Tea

Had to do 4 repeats on Base Hill today. Did it in a snow storm.

The road surface.

Last one

Then it was home for food and tea. The get to the gym for weights.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Pedals Pedals

And so the continuing upgrades continue.

Today made the decision I need some better flat pedals. And not just anyone's, I'm talking about the old school shin masher Suntour types. With lots of surface area.

More later.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Fun of Winter

Been pretty much the same old thing for the last 2 weeks. Same old training and riding in snow.

I'll feel better in a day or two.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Fun Filled Days

Was looking at some pic's today someone sent me about Afghanistan. Specifically cycling in Afghanistan and the Afghan Cycling Federation.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


The eating plan put together with the C&F team is working. Should be able to meet the training goals by March.

After yesterdays 2 hours on the trails in the snow storm I'm taking today to do errands on the bike. Then hitting the weights later on.

Have some new parts on the way fro the Mistress. Some heavy fork springs and an old school DCD. More on that later. And of course working on getting the finances together for the seatpost.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Hit the trails in Collins with -22 conditions. Required some extra layering and not really stopping. but still a good 90 minute ride.

Another pic of the Mistress.

After thinking about it during my ride I have made the decision to buy the Sette seatpost in Febuary. This should be a good piece of kit.

Friday, January 18, 2008

The Office Chair

Found some seatpost info that has piqued the interest of the cheap and frugal team. It appears that has a seat post from Sette that shouild fit nicely with my requirements. It's cheap and it seems that it will work. And I can get it for less then $100 CDN and that is important as money is a bit tight right now.

So now just need to raise the capital to take care of this.

Was thinking today while perusing Chapters and the cycling books how over complicated things have become. So much energy is wasted on HRMs and such when most people either can't afford them or want them. The emphasis is less on just trying things out and more on following some set formula. Seems a little boring.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Fresh Tracks

Am doing 2 a day rides for the next 3 days to increase bike time. This should be fun

Today was some fresh tracks.

Hydration break
Found a spot where some Deer had a nap last night.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Frozen Intervals

Today headed out to do some Yo-Yo hill intervals. Not exactly warm as it was about -14 with windchill.

Then spent part of the afternoon doing some more work on the Franken Cross. Hopefully will be up and running by Friday.

Saturday, January 12, 2008


With a mere 3 hours sleep headed out to Rogers to ride with some new people. Good relaxing social ride. Plus barely ate much at all today which fits in with the present nutrition protocols. Which have of course been decreed by the coaching staff.

No pic's though as I forgot da camera.

Tomorrow will be the building project for the Franken Cross.

Friday, January 11, 2008

New Part

After a 2 hour ride spent some time installing a new derrailleur and pads.

The work area.

The only easy day was yesterday.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Today was hill day. The workout was 5 times up Base hill with the added bonus of doing it within an hour of waking up and no food. The object of course being to force my body to learn to use fat more as a fuel.

The last descent and time to head home.

Not much of a hill but one's gotta make do.

Tomorrow is the day when I should have the final part in hand to finish the Franken Cross bike.

But first things first, a 90 min ride to Rogers with some one leg work thrown in.

Gotta add to the gear list, Buy a bike computer from MEC in Febuary for both the Cross and the Chromag.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Headed out to Rogers for a ride. Talk about brutal, it took me an hour to do a loop that usually takes max 20 min.

Corn snow sucks.

Ipod-great invention.

Wasn't expecting to need a snorkel

Finished off the day with gym time and some Kbell work.

Tomorrow is hill climb day. Bring it on.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Day Off

Took an easy day, well from training. Spent the day getting stuff done like laundry, groceries, and building the Dirt Bag Franken Cross.

Also spent part of it putting things into place to help with my goal of losing 25lbs by March 31st. This will mark a significant change of lifestyle for me. As in the last year I have done alot of soul searching and realized that I was happiest when I was race fit and riding bikes like a racer. And that the last few years I have been doing things to hide myself from the fact I wasn't happy in life.

And when I look back at pictures from when I raced in the early 90's I could see that I was much happier. And that I let too much nonsense get in the way. But more on that another day.

While looking at some Ultra Running stuff found the blog of Catra Corbett one of the Montrail team.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

10 Tips For Riding On Snow From Alaska

Found this on Arctic Jill's Blog It's for Alaska but still some good info.

10 tips for riding a bicycle on snow:

1. Think surface area: If you’ve ever used snowshoes before, you know that all that mass at the bottom of your feet can mean the difference between coasting atop power or wading knee-deep in it. Snow bikes work they same way. They incorporate wide tires with a flat profile in order to distribute bulk (you) as evenly as possible, allowing for maximum floatation.

2. Fat is the new skinny. As long as there have been bicycles, there have been weight-weenie types trying to shave grams off wheels. Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to see a spoke-free wheel sporting tires as thin as razors. But once you slice into snow, skinny tires might as well be razors. Snow-bikers know that fat means float, and have been developing bicycles to accommodate increasingly larger wheels for years. I predict that not too far in the future, someone will build a bicycle frame with room for motocross tires. Look for it.

3. There is no shame in walking. Cyclists hate to admit when they come to a hill or an obstacle they just can’t conquer. I have seen cyclists blow out their knees and face-plant over logs just to avoid suffering the indignity of getting off the bike and walking. Snow-bikers have no such pretensions. We know that bikes are not ready-made for snow, and vice versa. If snow is too soft, or too deep, or too wet, we simply step off and amble along until we can ride again. We learn to enjoy it, like walking a dog, but without the constant slobbering.

4. When in doubt, let air out. Often, snowy trails are what we would call “marginally ridable.” By letting air out of tires, you can increase the surface area and improve your floatation. Sometimes it means riding on nearly flat tires at a pace a snail wouldn’t envy, but, despite what I said in the previous paragraph, it’s still better than walking.

5. Learn your snow types. It's been said that Eskimos have dozens of different words of snow. Snow bikers also understand the myriad varieties: powder, sugar, corn, hard-pack, sandy, slushy, and so on. Each type comes with its own challenges. But understanding the nature of the white stuff you are trying to ride atop, you can adjust your riding and wheels to meet the conditions.

6. Don't be disappointed when you fail to set a land-speed record. Snow, like sand, puts up a lot of resistance, and snow bikers are not known for their speed. I have often heard accounts of cyclists who said felt like they were careening down a hill, only to look down and see they hadn’t even breached the 10 mph barrier. In snow races, 10 mph is considered fast. 8 mph is average. 6 mph is respectable, and 4 mph isn’t uncommon. When ask to describe the nature of the 2006 Iditarod Invitational, which was plagued by cold temperatures and fresh snow, third-place finisher Jeff Oatley said, “It was about as intense as a 2.5 mph race can be.”

7. All brakes are not created equal. When contemplating what brakes to put on their bikes, cyclists have all kinds of reasons to choose between disc or rim. But snow bikers, who often find their rims coated in a thick layer of ungrippable ice, have the best reason of all: Rim brakes could mean an icy death by gravity. Go with disc.

8. Re-lubricate and be free. There is nothing that will slow down a snow biker faster than having their hubs freeze up, which is always a possibility when the mercury drops below 0. We have to lube up our moving parts with a special low-temperature grease, sold widely in cold regions like Fairbanks and Minnesota.

9. Stay away from moose tracks. Common injures for road cyclists include road rash and head injuries. Mountain bikers have problems with broken collar bones and bad knees. Alaska snow bikers are always being tripped up by the deep, narrow holes moose leave when they walk through the snow. Avoiding these minefields will help curb post-holing injuries like broken ankles.

10. Stay away from dogs. We talk a lot about fear of angry moose, grumpy bears and rabid wolves, but our most likely animal to have a dangerous encounter with remains the sled dog. They approach so quickly and quietly that we sometimes don’t even have time to jump off the trail. A collision can be disastrous - imagine tangled lines, confused canines and a lot of sharp teeth. Add to that an annoyed musher who’s likely packing heat, and you stir up the kind of fear that convinces snow-bikers to give those racing puppies a wide berth.

Winter Tread

Headed out to Collins Bay for the first winter trail ride of the year. Was actually expecting to have it a no go as the snow was a little deep.

The good news is the area is big with the snowmobile crowd. So the trails are packed down in some sections. Then I found out other areas where packed down by all the dog walkers and such. the good thing was I saw a couple of other knobby tire tracks in the snow.

It always amazes me how some mountain bikers who claim to be hardmen run indoors when it snows a little bit.

The snowmobile trail.

The little trail through the snow.

The Mistress post ride.
Post ride pain killer.

The only bad thing with today's session was that I forgot to pack the Pledge in the pack. Pledge is the secret of winter riding. It helps keep pedals, cleast, and cassette's snow free. Because I forgot it my cleats packed up. Oh, well lesson learned.
Have begun the build of the new version of my Kaffenback. This should be interesting when it's built. Hopefully have it built by Wednesday for hill work.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Race Date Has Been Decided

Just checked with the guy's at for the date of this years Uxbridge Icebreaker. It's April 13th on a Sunday. So it looks like I have my work cut out for me. Roughly 3 months to lose 25lbs to be faster on the bike. This will call for some radical training restructuring.

Going to be fun with alot of it being outside in winter. I have a hard time cycling indoors as I feel way too much like a Hamster.

Now I get to have some fun looking for gear for the race. Hopefully will start with more pic's tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

It's Dirtbag time

And so it begins. Well the beginning of the Cross Bastard build project. This should be interesting over the next week or so.

Plus it also begins the 3 weeks of training for the race in March. But more on that later as I'm tired and need some sleep.