Sunday, May 15, 2016

Turbine of Pain Part Deux

 With the weather being better and the water levels finally dropping down to low levels. Figured it was time to revisit the 2014 Turbine of Pain route from 2014.

 2014 Turbine Of Pain

 This year would follow the same route but try to actually connect to Ernestown.On my 2014 ride came up short as hadn't brought enough food to fuel on the hot day. Also had taken a different track 3/4 of the way to Ernestown which dead ended at a huge farm field.

Turbine of Pain 2016

After a wee bit of rain which led to a afternoon start it was an easy spin to the start of the real work. Better prepared of course...despite the hydration bladder deciding to retire after 11 years of use.

Wet Roll Out

Looking good for now 

Time to ford

How to numb your hands in less than 500m.

Looking back at the first Bog of the day

Riding Tussock like grass hurts

Snowmobile trail

It's a beautiful bridge

After reaching what I believe is the deactivated part of Jim Snow drive followed the snowmobile track that I had looked at before. Which in 2014 I had turned right and headed back instead. Partially because the water levels seemed higher unlike this year. Of course it meant had to contend with at least 4 more bog sections.

It's not just a ride, It's an adventure

The additional snow mobile trail did connect to Camden Road East which led to Ernestown...specifically the old train station.

And this called for a beer....home brew of course. Because it was a tough slog to get to this point as more than half of the way out was bashing snowmobile trail.

Beer, because fuck your electrolyte drink

Headed back via Caton road, well at least 3/4 of the way. Specifically to give my hands and shoulder a rest from being beaten by the snowmobile track. The Cinelli bars I ran as an experiment for the road sections to add a position where I could rest on my forearms. And give my hands a rest.

4 plus hours late thinking of beer and junk food

This year felt stronger through it all so the winter of endless intervals and dead lifts with a side of squats have worked. As well had packed food for the ride that added the comfort factor.

Because...fuck yer Cliff Bars

So over all a successful redo of the 2014 first attempt. Unfortunately had a gear problem as the hydration bladder decided to retire. So had to improvise with 4 waterbottles in the pack which isn't an ideal situation as round one's dig into the back when in the Wingnut pack. Thinking I might pick up a couple of Backbottle's to use.

In the end after 4 plus hours and nearly 50km of abuse was a good day out. And was a 3 beer evening of recovery.