Monday, March 28, 2011

Fence Grater

Got my hands on a pair of DMR V12 pedals used for $20. After waiting for some parts rebuilt the left side. It's funny how it's only cosmetic damage, the paint is coming of. Other then that and replacing the bushing on the left pedal they are fine.

This is after the first ride. Great pedals. As good as new one's and way cheaper.

Saturday was spent in St Catherine's at Brock Uni. Unfortunately the snow was still on the ground and to soft to really ride around. But some DH fun was still available.

DH in snow near Brock Uni. The line in the pic is fun when it's snow free. In 5 trips to Brock this is the first time there was still snow.

Bash the post and give oneself a bone bruise.

Fresh Tracks

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

2011 Tour Du Butter Tart

And the first event chosen for 2011 was the Tour du Butter Tart. Planned by the same crew that brought us the Dundas Monstercross ride last fall.

The overlord of financing met with the Sith of Training to decide that attendance was mandatory in the 2011 training scheme. Specifically as thie little ride met the most important and overriding concern for 2011... that it was free. So on the morning of March 2oth with Ham Breakfast sandwich and large ice Capp it was the drive from Scarborough to Dundas. And the specific location of Cafe Domestique a coffee house worthy of it's own entry in the future.

Even though the meeting time was 10am like any social ride it's not written in stone. Everyone had their shiny modern road or CX bike with the luddite black beast being the oddball. And after intorductions, getting geared up, and the usuall waiting it was off.

For me this would be my first road bike ride in about 5 and a half years. The last being when I cracked the RM Rail's chainstay. So the bike was matched to my expectations.. that being a 100k spin. No chasing or road sign sprints.

In the end I have no real idea of the route as it was Marc and Kim's plan. For me it was the social aspect and using something to force myself out of the mental hole of lowered activity due to life of the last 3 years. And in the end this was a ride that was needed to push myself a little. It's easy to maintain the lower ride levels when one is busy running the house, taking care of their daughter, and helping Joely so she can coach. It's funny how when you are in the middle of it all you don't really notice this.

It's been 20 years since I last rode a road bike in the area near Dundas and the Niagara Escarpment. It's funny how little it changes in the more rural areas. The roads are still the same, drivers the same, the smell the same, and the usual wind. The headwind this time was pretty mild. I recall some pretty heinous one's I trained in while going to school there and no I don't miss them.

In the first 30 minutes was the usual ride occurance of a bunch powering a head and miss the turn. Happens on every ride or run.. All part of the fun of group rides really. Then it was down to riding at your pace to each of the pit stops on the route. The first was pretty uneventful. It was the second that provided the amusement with the owners wife fuming about no $20's. Hmmm... funny how one complains yet you have 25 plus riders ready to spend money. And the 3rd stop had the best of all....chocolate chip, skor, peanut butter, and other variations of butter tarts.

Shortly after leaving the 3rd stop nearly T Boned some farmers big hairy dog. Yep for the first time in 38 years of riding I almost T Boned a dog. Tom got to see that bit of fun as he caught me and went a head. And then it was back to the last bit which included a section from the Good Friday Road race which reminded me that I have to stop riding with road gearing and go with a cyclocross set up. Way easier on my ski racers knees. After a while it was the last stop which we all said just go as all where butter tarted out. Shortly after leaving there it was the Sydenham Rd descent. Fun though a little uncomfortable with a stem and bar to low. More on that later.

And then it was all said and done. The good bye's and all went there seperate ways after 5 plus hours of riding. For me it was the drive to Burlingto to play a little on some urban stuff with Mistress and coffee while I emailed Joely to let her know I was still breathing and not lying in a ditch having a nap.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

2x4's and Tea

It was a big evening at Team NfI's world headquarters. The work list wasn't that big but as decreed by the technical section stuff needed to be adjusted.

First order of business food and tea.

First issue was the spacing on the roadie. As a modern hub spacing is wider then the frames original spec some adjusting was required. After a careful research of the internet and the previously mentioned tea. It was to work. As xcan be seen the tools where rather primitive.

After many measurements and application of torque. The desired spacing was achieved. Then after careful close inspection it was found that everything was in order and the job went perfectly. Didn't even have to make any changes.

The next problem was a rattling rear cassette. It was discovered that the plastic spacers were a wee bit to wide. After a little digging around in the bin of parts came up with this.

After checking the sizing. Installed it and voila....

No more rattling cassette.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Alt- Racing

You see it in running especially through Club Fat Ass out of Vancouver. The it I'm referring to is alternative events.

You hear it all the time people complaining about the costs of races. In cycling, triathlon, and running. And in Tri it gets even worse as some races are nearing $150 in Ontario. Sure I like going to event and seeing how fast I can go against others. But let us face reality. That being it isn't cheap and shelling out all the time gets expensive. And that's before you add in fuel and other costs to race.

That is what Club Fat Ass is about. Simply it's about an event that is no frills and fun. No fes, no hassles, and go. Sounds like a solution to the whole races are getting to expensive issue. Yet when ever this type of idea gets suggested especially in Ontario. All you get is silence. Well.. less now thanks to the Garage Monster for example. Add to that the group out of Brockvill and their mountain bike races every Tuesday in the summer.

Yet we see nothing when it comes to Tri. Sure we have the usual Sunday group rides or run at a store type thing. I don't get it. People will complain endlessly about the costs of say doing a Half Iron at $150 a race yet when it's suggested to do the Club Fat Ass method. You get dead silence. So people like shelling out $150 bucks before hotel costs, gas, food, and so on? And they do it race after race then complain about it.

I for one got tired of it. Sure I understand that events cost money. But at a certain point one simply because I'd rather spend the money on other stuff. I'd spend $20 to drive to Brockville on a Tuesday night to race for free. Then spend $50 to race a sanctioned event. I'd rather do a training event that is fun. Drink beer and hang out with people then jump through hoops.

This is the year of free events. The Tour du Buttertart is the first of the year.