Wednesday, February 16, 2011

OCA Kills The Joy

So, it has finally happened. I have been robbed of the joy of being involved in a sport by the attitude of a governing body.

In the last few years it started as amusement then moved to frustration in dealing with the OCA. For a business, yes that is what it is. It is a business that runs a sport in the province. Yet time and time again the decisions made are not only baffling yet if this was in the real world they would be seeking protection from creditors.

A few years ago when finishing up my coach's stuff I thought it was a one off situation. At that time I was submiting the final paper work for my level one. Looking for some info about the process I go by the office to ask what needs to be done. You know, to make it easier. I get told that all I needed was to provide letters of refrence of 2 people I had coached. Easy enough, I even asked do they need to be licensed as members and if so what license must they have. I get told none.

Thus begins the circus.

A few weeks later I submit the paper work including the references. I included mailing address, phone numbers, and emails of those people in case they might be needed. Next thing I get told was those where now not good enough. I needed some one with a license.You gotta be kidding me. Even after submiting the new requirement it took nearly a year for it to be processed. And that was taken care of by the temp guy visitng from Australia. He wasn't impressed by this.

Flash forward to the last couple of years of cyclocross. Which I took up because it's fun. Yet the race fun began to dissipate. A large reason for that is the draconian rantings of the commissaire. Sure I understand there are rules but it does not require one to be continously ranting and yelling at people during a race. We race for fun not to be berated and yelled at. If we wanted that we would go to work that day instead and get paid for that.

I have raced for years Triathlon and Duathlon yet have no memory of this level of nonsense. And if there was the races would be far closer to empty of participants.

Then let's add the joy of dealing with the office. First try looking for a membership fee on the website. If you are a lowly Serf non card carrying point chaser there is no cost listed. And no response to emails. I know what the excuse will be.. they where overwhelmed by workshops.

Last fall 2 weeks before Cyclocross season began no schedule was up. And the excuse was beng overwhemed by Ontario Summer Games. Gimme a break. The summer games is every 2 years and if there is no plan in place by now then the entire office should be canned. This is simply a failure. And when you point out all this...heir response is to blame the member for not showing up to a committee meeting.

It's startig to look more tempting to give m membership money for 2011 to Tri Ontario for a coaching license. At least with them I'm not left feeling like a lowly Serf. To bad there aren't more non OCA approved "training" events.