Friday, March 23, 2012

Infidel In Dundas

Due to how things ended up working out I had to bail on the Tour Du Buttertart a week ago Saturday. Sometimes things happen for a reason.

It actually works out for the better as to date every ride in Dundas has been with a group.ride organized by Marc. This doesn't seem significant but really the only time I have done anything on or around the Escarpment from Dundas to the Brock Monument has been organized by others. I won't go into details as that is for another story. But the Escarpment area mentioned is kind of a mental black hole for me. As it was a significant dark time in my life.

This was the first time I actually wandered around checking out both parts of the Monstercross course as well as new areas. Pushing my comfort zone. Plus trying out the new cross frame in different terrain.

The bike wants to go this way.