Sunday, March 8, 2009

Dirt Bag Tip

On the Mistress' front fork is a QR20 hub system. It's one with a redundant QR system. Redundant, well of course since long ago they added the anti lawsuit devices. So how to solve the proble.

Well after digging through a parts bin found me one of those replacement skewers people use to prevent wheel theft. It has a 5mm allen head instead of a QR. After a quick check of all the important details. Gave it a try and it works. No money spent and a quick and easy solution to a problem.

And one bonus is a saved an ounce, as if it matters on a beast bike.

Hope n Pauls

Today went out to Collins bay for a bit of a ride and trail work. Though it was mostly trail work, cleaning blowdown off the new trail. And the new trail is ready for the season to begin.

Alcohol Fueled

The guy's at Chromag Bikes have got some seat collars and wheel QR's now. Those will be on the Mistress upgrade list.

The other parts I'm looking at over the next year will be a selection of goodies from Hope and Paul's components. I would like to have full Hope brakes and hubs within the year. Hopefully on both bikes. And of course have a winter set of non hope hubs for winter and as back up. Add to that headset and BB from Hope as well. Guess I'm a bit of a snob in that area.