Sunday, December 28, 2014

2015 Events, Races, and Goals

 It is that time of year when one looks around and figures out what events and such they are doing next year. Of course it isn't easy as dates are not set yet with the OCA when it comes to races.

Time to write those cheques the body can't cash.

-Paris Roubaix aka Almonte Roubaix
-Long Sock Classic 30k
-Northumberland Humbler 60k
-Kingston Trophy Marathon 70K
-Tour De Caffeine
-Paul's Dirty Enduro 30k 
-Belleville CX?
-Kingston CX?

I should note that the Paul's 30k will be taken will be a hammer, puke at the finish, and to do the Cancellera....drink a beer within 10 minutes.

Other Riding Goals

- loose 3 inches of waist
-Ride all the trails of Shabomeka trails.
-Camp Fortune
-Thomasburgh trails