Sunday, February 17, 2013

Dirtbag Kaffenback

  Till 2006 had a a Rocky Mountain Rail cross bike. Unfortunately it finally tapped out with a cracked right side chain stay. And after moving towns in 2007 and picking up a 29er in 2008. Kind of forgot about replacing the Rail for 3 years.

  With ever increasing road riding as well as looking for alternative to always taking the Chromag. Decided the best option was another Cyclocross frame. Simple reason versatility and ability to take knobby tires for winter. Because I like the feel of steel frames I went for a steel frame and it had to have the ability to either be disc or rim brake.

Unfortunately the steel frame options are where a bit limited a year ago and hard to find used. Remembered On One also sells Planet X, specifically the Kaffenback. Which while not a true UCI type cyclocross frame still is capable of what I was looking for. And it comes in at $189 USD without fork.

   The initial build was aimed at simply to get it on the road and cheaply.  Only through use does one find the tendencies or parts and frames. And it is to me better to buy better parts individually over time as I figure out what I need.

 The wheels are Bontrager rim brake rims on Bontrager hubs I got for $75. Tires where Kenda Kwickers  and paid $50 for the two. Chain and cassette are basic Sram.

 Found a Kona Project 2 Cyclocross fork for $30 including shipping off Pinkbike.  No disc mounts as was just wanted to get it road worthy. The headset not pictured was a freebie from the shop I had worked at.

Non drive side crank was $20 from a local shops old stock bin.
                               The BB is standard Shimano.

The drive side crank is from the Rocky Mountain Rail I cracked the chainstay's on in 2006. So cost was free. Chainrings free as well.

 Seat post is an old one from my mountain bike which was bent. Cut the lower part of the seatpost off which took care of the bent section. So cost was nothing. Salsa seat collar $2.

              Shimano road front idea the

            Shimano rear road derauilleur   From my parts

Tektro CR270 brakes front and rear. New from a shop for $45 total.

 Easton EA-30 stem, 90mm length. Came from the 29er I didn't like. The extender was free.

                Bontrager road saddle. Bike shop parts bin...$10

            Handlebar $10 from bike shop close out. Tektro levers $30.
            Kelly Take Off's parts bin so free with Suntour GPX shifters.
                                             Bar tape $20

 So in the end the total was maybe $450 total. Which got me riding right away. And allows me to hit some easy singletrack as I desire as well as road. Plus a bit of gravel.  Now of course this was a dirtbag build as I wanted to get riding immediately and then after ride time figure out which parts I would like to switch out.

 So after 8 months of use and other then some brake pads and of course wearing out tires. Those parts I want change to are disc brake calipers, disc wheels, Retroshift levers, switch to a 60 or 70mm stem, and maybe a different bar. Though the bar I'll wait to see if the shorter stem improves things.

 If things work out the new parts will be ready for the Test of The First Gravel.