Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sgt Say's

Today's ride was good. The coach had me some simple hill repeats. Well simple as in that was the plan. But it wasn't simple afterwards.

Had to do 6 intervals on Base hill. Basically go as hard as I can for 15 recover on the DH section. Then immediatly with no pause do it again. Did it 6 times. Definetly felt like puking on the last 2.

The ride home wasn't fun was bonking a bit.

Cold of Change

It appears that Fall has come early hear to Kingston. It was plus 5 this morning, way to early for cold at this time of year. Almost time to break out the Belgian Knee Warmers.

Yesterday did a 2 hour ride. Decided to chek out the K&P Rail Trail. It was ok but definetly not my thing. Way to boring and unstimulating. Though there is a nice long uphill on it with training potential for future consideration.

Race whise, planning on doing a local cross race on the 19th for fun. This will be a definite first for me.

Tonights ride will be some hill repeats at Fort Hill. I believe 5 will suffice.