Sunday, March 6, 2011

Alt- Racing

You see it in running especially through Club Fat Ass out of Vancouver. The it I'm referring to is alternative events.

You hear it all the time people complaining about the costs of races. In cycling, triathlon, and running. And in Tri it gets even worse as some races are nearing $150 in Ontario. Sure I like going to event and seeing how fast I can go against others. But let us face reality. That being it isn't cheap and shelling out all the time gets expensive. And that's before you add in fuel and other costs to race.

That is what Club Fat Ass is about. Simply it's about an event that is no frills and fun. No fes, no hassles, and go. Sounds like a solution to the whole races are getting to expensive issue. Yet when ever this type of idea gets suggested especially in Ontario. All you get is silence. Well.. less now thanks to the Garage Monster for example. Add to that the group out of Brockvill and their mountain bike races every Tuesday in the summer.

Yet we see nothing when it comes to Tri. Sure we have the usual Sunday group rides or run at a store type thing. I don't get it. People will complain endlessly about the costs of say doing a Half Iron at $150 a race yet when it's suggested to do the Club Fat Ass method. You get dead silence. So people like shelling out $150 bucks before hotel costs, gas, food, and so on? And they do it race after race then complain about it.

I for one got tired of it. Sure I understand that events cost money. But at a certain point one simply because I'd rather spend the money on other stuff. I'd spend $20 to drive to Brockville on a Tuesday night to race for free. Then spend $50 to race a sanctioned event. I'd rather do a training event that is fun. Drink beer and hang out with people then jump through hoops.

This is the year of free events. The Tour du Buttertart is the first of the year.