Sunday, June 27, 2010


This guy was doing laps at the 24 hours in a hand cycle.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Parts to Sell

Salsa Moto Ace Flat Bar 660mm width 11 degree back bend- non oversize - $20
Avid BB7 brake Pads never mounted $20
Shimano 113mm Spindle Octalink BB- $25
DMR 5 Bolt Spider $20
Profile Stem 105mm 10 degree rise $20

Saturday, June 19, 2010

After Work

A few laps of the BMX track.

Then onto the C&B DH.

Clipped this tree on one run.

Which ripped my arm armour.

Sticker says it all.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Breaking My Heart

Went for a ride in an area I haven't been in a while. This sums up how I felt.

When I saw this.

The look out over the creeks that feed Collins Creek.

Used to be a track you could see here.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

I Love Chromag

Three years on since I pulled the trigger on a 2007 Chromag Stylus.

I have ridden it in rain, snow, dust, and mud. It has been rock solid and given me lots of fun. I have changed components many times in 3 years. I have commuted on it, raced it, and done epic rides with the Don rats.

Circa 2008


Hopefully this year the Mistress will see a Super D race. And a couple more Don rats epic rides. Plus some more new places ridden this year.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bike Geometry

This will sound like a rant. Probably is.

So, after I put the GT Peace 9r beside the Chromag I noticed something that may explain my beef with it. While sitting on the couch of all things. that being the stem sits way to low. No wonder it feels weird.

And on closer inspection I notice another little detail. That the suspension forks top caps are micro meters away from hitting the down tube. What the flip?? According to GT's specs this should not be a problem. Yet it is. What the hell is GT doing?? Using the blind to design the frame??

So after taking multiple measurements and talking to my buddy the old school bike guy we see the problem. That being the geniuses at GT made the head tube way to short, it should be on a small frame. This has caused way to much weight on the bars and therefore the front wheel. No wonder my hands feel weird. Plus as Jay mentioned to me, no wonder it's so hard to pull up the front wheel. As he pointed out they got it all wrong.

The solution is simple, new headset from Cane Creek- the S3 Plus 5 and a new fork. Or more like a used one- something like a Manitou Minute or a Rock Shok. Hopefully something with a 20mm axle. As Jay pointed out to me this will do a good job of getting my weight further back- where it's bloody supposed to be. This way I can ride it a bit more untill I can get the Paradox frame this fall.

So right now the purchases needed are the headset and the front fork. But boy it is frustrating when one realizes that it wouldn't be a problem if they had actually left material.

What is even more funny to me is the geometry of the Zaskar 29er this year. They shortened the chainstays like everyone else has. Only major difference is companies like Kona for example did that across the board it seems. Yet GT just leaves it be.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

New Feature

Installed the new ladder bridge over the log in Training Loop.

In other news, will be heading to Albion in 2 weekes for Summer Solstice as crew cheif for Matt again. This time we expect nothing and let what happens happen.