Thursday, August 11, 2011


Today got taken out by a young kid driving. He crossed double lanes over while yapping to the girl in his car. Hit me with his left side which bounced me into the right side of a parked car and over the hood. And slam into the street, could see his rear wheel 6 inches from my head.. According to the witness's he had a look of sheer panic when I sprung up and moved to try and block him getting away. So he took off.

Arm is from when my arm broke his side window as he hit me. Dripping every where. bike has it all over the handlebars.

By the time the cops got to me with the amb guys I was pulling up in front of the ER 3 blocks away. Thanks to the witness who called it in and passed on to them where I was headed.

The Doc pulled some glass shrapnel. It wasn't that deep but it was bleeding like crazy before they cleaned it up.

I feel nothing.

Yep tonight was a fun filled night.