Sunday, August 28, 2011

Price of Weight Weenism

My buddy Lee was a follower of weight weenism for a while.

His bodged together rear derrailleur.

Fixing his light weight chain....again.

Age and youth.

Monday, August 22, 2011


This arrived Friday. A pair of Hope Enduro brakes via Ebay. After getting them could tell they needed a bit of work. After pulling the levers, checked to see if the internal spring at the lever was good it was. Next checked the brass bushing within the lever... siezed as suspected. After digging through the brake part bin found another lever with a still good bushing. A rebuild and one working rear brake.

Now to try and mount the rear tonight. Let the fun begin. Fisrt to make tea.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Road painting Fail

Saw this earlier in the summer. Took a pic of it finally.

Bike lane is now against the curb so now one has to dodge cars turning right.

Interestingly the paint crew got the other side right.

Oh look..

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Greazy Cream

Let's take a look to see how it's healing post crash.

Definitely a nit of bleeding every now and then. I put antibiotic cream on the area every time I changed over the dressing. Even though the doc said I didn't have to it was easier to keep one on for work.

Definitely some infection came off with the dressing.

Not to bad. Not much infection to be seen. Though it's been itchy off and on all day... it's healing.

Another angle in the mirror. But all things considered better to have lots of blood and it end up looking like this. The alternative could have been months in the hospital.

Found this on the camera.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Jens Facts

In the spirit of the crash I bring you this in tribute to the poster boy for hard crashes and suffering,

After his fall on the Col du Petit-Saint-Bernard the Peloton had to be re-routed, the impact from Jens' face hitting the pavement left a 40 ft. crater.

Jens' injuries are not "Life Threatening" because nothing Threatens Jens... Ever.

Jens doesn't "Dance on the Pedals" he curb checks them.

Jens had a plan to market his sweat as an energy supplement, It was named CERA and was promptly banned.

Jens Traveled back in time and set the pace on the Ventoux in the 1967 Tour de France. The British have never forgiven him.

Jens Voigt puts the “laughter” in “Manslaughter.”

Jens Voigt climbs so well for a big guy because he doesn’t actually climb hills; the hills slink into the earth in fear as they see him approach.

If you are a UCI ProTour rider and you Google “Jens Voigt,” the only result you get is “it’s not to late to take up kickball.”

Jens was a math prodigy in elementary school, putting “Attack!” in every blank space on all his tests. It would be the wrong answer for everybody else, but Jens is able to solve any problem by attacking.

Jens’ testicles are bald because hair does not grow on a mixture of titanium, brass, steel, and cold, hard granite.

Eddy Merckx was actually a neo-pro at the same time as Jens, but Jens dropped him so hard that he shot backwards in time to the 1960’s, where he became a great champion.

Jens once had a heart attack on the Tourmalet. Jens counterattacked repeatedly until the heart attacked relented, conceding that Jens was the stronger of the two

If Jens Voigt was a country, his principle exports would be Pain, Suffering, and Agony.

If Jens Voigt was a planet, he’d be the World of Hurt.

Jens Voigt doesn’t know where you live, but he knows exactly where you will die.

Jens Voigt doesn’t have a shadow because he dropped it repeatedly until it retired, climbing into the CSC team car and claiming a stomach ailment.

Jens Voigt once challenged Lance Armstrong to a “who has more testicles” contest. Jens won… by five.

Jens wins stages by tearing holes in the space time continuum.

If Jens is moving forward, everyone else is moving backwards.

When you open a can of whoop-ass, Jens Voigt jumps out smiles, eats a bowl of Muesli, and attacks.

Jens Voigt doesn’t complain about what suffering does to him… but suffering constantly complains about getting picked on by Jens Voigt.

Jens Voigt can start a fire by rubbing two mud puddles together.

Jens calves are so massive that doctors had to surgically remove 33% from each leg.

Guns kill a couple dozen people every day. Jens Voigt kills 150.

Have you ever seen a pothole in the road? Those are from the sweat of Jens Voigt.

Jens Voigt rides so fast during attacks, that he could circle the globe, hold his own wheel, and ride in his own draft.

Jens Voigt nullified the periodic table because he doesn’t believe in any element, other than the element of surprise.

The grass is always greener on the other side. Unless Jens Voigt has been riding on the other side in which case it's been reduced to the rocky subsoil

Jens' wheels are typically 48, spoke and soldered 4 cross, as everything buckles under his power.

In the 2008 Giro Jens won a stage. This wouldn't have been unusual except he wasn't on the roster for his team and showed up at the last minute and raced on his Electra "Amsterdam" townie.

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Today got taken out by a young kid driving. He crossed double lanes over while yapping to the girl in his car. Hit me with his left side which bounced me into the right side of a parked car and over the hood. And slam into the street, could see his rear wheel 6 inches from my head.. According to the witness's he had a look of sheer panic when I sprung up and moved to try and block him getting away. So he took off.

Arm is from when my arm broke his side window as he hit me. Dripping every where. bike has it all over the handlebars.

By the time the cops got to me with the amb guys I was pulling up in front of the ER 3 blocks away. Thanks to the witness who called it in and passed on to them where I was headed.

The Doc pulled some glass shrapnel. It wasn't that deep but it was bleeding like crazy before they cleaned it up.

I feel nothing.

Yep tonight was a fun filled night.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Big Dirty Pickering Ride

On Sunday was the Big dirty Pickering Ride organized by Nick. Another free event put on by buddies for buddies. All bikes and all pedals where accepted. After gathering at Nick's in Pickering and the usual taking forever to get organized it was off for the ride.

Unlike the last ride I chose the more DH oriented wheelset option. Gotta make it even harder.

Nick led us out into the side streets that led to the trail. The route as the previous rides started took us through a local park with the usual rock to play on. Since Tim chickened out I had to nail it and it was cleaned. And then it was the trails of the Duffins Creek Valley. After a good climb it was the exit at the tracks.

Then it was the rail trail .. well unofficial as they where abondoned and unmaintained other then locals using it. Lots of sweepers and such to deal with. At one point a bit of fun was added as Tim tried to do a Lee style race pass but he discovered that I know how to block very well. Later in the ride was reminded that I do need to get a dropper type seatpost. Will make riding a little smoother.

Nick took us into a section of Rouge trails I hadn't seen yet. Or I mean when I first looked in 2002 there wasn't much there really. Now there is a trail. Though I suspect it's from the local residents walking there more then anything else. But it's good to know there is something else to ride.

Then as we have barely begun the climb of Ben Trash..... thunder and rain. The full drench. And of course the wait for the made the wrong turn on the climb crowd. All the while listening to Tim whine about his tires having nothing for tread. That's what happens when you become a weight weenie apparentely.

After descending and then a log scramble it was the ride back to Nick's. Pretty much the same rail trals back with a wee bit of mud puddle thrown in. Of course having to stop to try and ride Nick's little downhill line. Not as easy this time with there being a thin layer of slick mud.

After a bit more trail and cutting back through the park at the beginning we where back at Nick's. Upon which it rained some more though Nick had erected the large tent in anticipation of this. And it was BBQ time.

All in all a good ride. Riding flat pedals with the DH wheel set up wasn't a big issue. Though a dropper style seatpost with remote would have been a benefit.