Monday, August 8, 2016

Bruce Pit Exploration

Few years ago rode some trails north of Hunt Club Road along the west side of highway 416. And has been a few years since had the oppurtunity to ride here again.

The section I rode previously is called the Stony Swamp Conservation Area trails which back then I had no idea there name or what maps where available.

Stony Swamp Conservation Area Trails

When I rode those trails noticed an area across highway 416. But never had a further look as I ran out of time. Revisited it today.

Bruce Pit Trails

It is not Route 66 or BC XC level of technical. But when ridden at speed you can miss stuff like the turns or in some spots play smash your hands off trees. But let's face reality one could complain but it is still better than pea gravel poodle path. Another nice thing I noticed that there was a alot of sand here so it will drain well.

One thing of note at Bruce Pit is the huge fenced off dog walking area. Very very nice to fence them off from the rest of us.

Did find a map of the system and discovered that this is part of the Ottawa Western Greenbelt section. And one can have a longer ride when you add in Stony Swamp and not shown on the map Lime Kiln trails.

In general a good quick rip.