Monday, July 30, 2012

K&P Grind

Sunday was a long ride day. So it was up the K&P trail for some unfinished business... meaning had ridden part of it but turned back early as time was tight for getting back to town.

                     The Ed Whitlock route choice.


Everytime it rains the swamps on either side add some fun.

Welcome to farm land.

Don't see it but it's a slight uphill grade almost all the way.

Ah.. KOA is nearby and I hear they have stuff for kids to play on.

Can't see it but followed the Kenyan methodolgy with a slight tweak for cycling. That being easy gear on the way up.

Checked out briefly down the hydro line double track. But turned back as it had piles of loose limestone rock. And that stuff and CX tires don't go well together.

New trail surface.

About 80k from here to Smith Falls via ATV/snomachine track... Ridgerunners.

Hmmm... future ride.

Harrowsmith where it's now the Cataraqui trail.

And to further follow the Kenyan methodolgy... ride hard on the way back. The Big Ring.