Saturday, December 31, 2011

Winter Bike Mechanics

As a bike mechanic it always amazes me how in winter how much time, energy, and effort triathlete's or cyclist's will put in on the turbo trainer. Or their strength, swim stroke, or running form. Yet they put in zilch during that same period for bike work or whatever else could be done. It's really such a waste.

Sure as a mechanic it's wonderful as I get to crank up the labour costs when I have to use blowtorches and hammers to pull your siezed into the frame BB. Especially since the majority barely do any bike mainteneance.

Winter is the perfect time for you to take your tri or road bike to the shop especially since it will only sit bolted to the turbo trainer all winter. Shops are slower during the winter so the emchanics have more time. Take it down to the shop and have the mechanics pull every bolt, clean, and regrease or loctite it. Replace any cables or housing that is cracked. And can't forget to pull, clean, and regrease your seatpost. The seatpost a common area for bonding to the frame. Now is also a good time to pull the old bar tape and install some fresh tape. By doing it now you get to start the year with a bike ready to go and you avoid the annual Spring panic when everyone races to the shop when the sun finally comes out of hibernation.

The other aspect of this time of year that is good especially with the bikes mounted to the trainers. Now is the perfect time to install the new parts like bars, brakes, derrailleurs, and such. Maybe it's just me but as a coach it makes more sense to use some of that time stuck to a trainer to see if one really like those new aero bars or saddle. Plus in winter it's much easier to take one's time and install parts properly. Less being in a hurry and not wanting to miss ride time because we all know how hard it is to get triathlete's to give up training time.