Wednesday, November 2, 2011

2011 Anti Race- Part 2

This year I received an invite to attend the famous or infamous invite to the Anti Race. And end of year gathering put on by the un evil empire known as Misfit Cycles. And it's figure head Peter the Misfit.

So on Saturday Oct 23rd did the fun filled drive up the 400 to Barrie to then get up to Collingwood. Of course like most plans they don't stay intact. So arrived late so had no time to change from DH wheels to lighter wheels. So it was heavy DH tires on DH wheels. In the scheme of things it seemed more beneficial to have a working brake with DH sections expected. This was due to a late evening brake swap in a Starbucks of all places.

But I didn't forget to swap my tools, pump, and tube to the ride pack unlike a certain Team Dicky the Forgetfull.

Of course after the usual swapping of bike related insults. Apparentely the Mistress offended our host No Gears Peter. Something about her dirtbag esthetic offended his delicate singlespeed sensitivities. And off we went with a little road cruise to warm up for the death hike of the day up the escarpment. Nothing like an endless grunt.. the last time I did something like this I was payed.

At the top it was a rest, some beverages, heckling, then off to ride mud, leaves, rock, and singletrack. No idea where we went as the area around Collingwood am not familiar with at all. Some good technical stuff. Unfortunately some racer heads where still a bit in racer mode still so no chance to retry some sections I messed up on. There was a few I would like to have retried. Maybe need a road trip next summer.

Of course we have to add in the 30 minute wait in the woods to figure out where the 2 local riders went to. Only to have them rejoin us 45 minutes later further along the trail. One guy had hurt himself so had headed back early via road. While Ted had crashed hard and caught back up to us. And we continued the parade through the woods with howls galore. And in some sections was reminded why I want a Gravity Dropper post on the Mistress soon.

And with Misfit Peter complaining that he was hungry we arrived at the DH into Collingwood. Which became a sudden every rider for himself affair. And then we where at the cars. For me it was 4 hours riding a beast hardtail with the wrong wheels and tires. And near the end some slight grinding of the BB bearings. Legs a little tired yet still okay despite the low volume of riding this year.

Till next year and hopefully in better riding fitness as well.