Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Monsoon Released

The plan was to go to Albion Hills to do the Tuesday night race series put on by Superfly Racing.


The plan was to use the race to pre ride the course for the 24 Hour race coming up, that way as crew chief for a Solo racer I'd have an idea of the course. But it was to be a chance for my wife to see me race before our child is born.

So after an easy spin in the don for about 40 minutes, picked up Joely and headed out. We had stopped to get a drink and some food and the next thing we knew it was a Monsoon. Made some phone calls and found out that there was storms all over. So we pulled the plug.

Even though it is a bit disappointing to have this result when one puts some effort into something. But the plus side is that I have a chance to race even closer to home.

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