Sunday, July 15, 2007

Bad Air

Hooked up with my buddy Marshall, the owner of Madman Tours. Only his second ride after being doored in April, $4,000 of bike damage. He's back and riding ok. Just needs a couple more rides to get his flow back.

After riding for 3 hours enede up at the DJ's and hung out. Tried some riding of the Rythmm Section and just wasn't feeling it today.

Was a bit down with the fact that wasn't feeling the flow but what was worse was the feeling of bad air from the rest of the guy's there. There was no energy or motivation from the whole bunch. It seemed very negative and draining, like a funeral. What a waste that is. Why go to a place that makes people feel good and have fun to sit miserable and unhappy?

That is a waste of life. I left as I realized that it was bad and would mentally drag me down. My goal has been to let less of that happen around me.

And so far it is working.

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