Monday, July 23, 2007

It's Not Easy Changing Gears

In the last couple of day's since the birth of my daughter Gabby some things have run through my head.

In the last year due to life changes I had to make the decision to downsize my endurance training and racing. Since getting sponsored by the great crew at Running Free 3 years ago who supported not only my racing but also continue to support what I do.

Sometimes it hasn't been easy changing the mental gears to not race and to focus on things like trail work and helping the kids get better at trail riding. But it has been all worth it.

Plus by not racing in the last year I have returned to my endurance sport roots, the roots being mountain biking. That as much can be gained from just riding trails with others as can be gained from racing.

But yet again I have the desire to change gears back to racing, at least a little bit for now. I can thank Gabby for this changing of gears again. It's something about her that makes me want to ride more now.

Now to decide what race.

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