Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Today was supposed to be a day of hill work. But after a mere 3 intervals was debating whether to keep going as my knee was being weird.

Well the situation was quickly resolved when my buddy Tweek from the www.cycle-solutions.com crew appeared. He had already ridden for something like 4 hours. Went riding with him to show him some of the other trail areas that are in the Rouge. Always good riding with Tweek as he is a guy who truly loves to ride his bike.

It's funny if one looked at a pic of us and the bikes together. Tweek runs a Kona Kula 29er that weighs something like 17lbs while my Chromag Stylus weighs in something like 30lbs. It felt good cleaning one hill that he couldn't with the heavy bike. The 29er reminds me I need to get the Cross bike back up and running.

So tomorrow I'll visit the guys at Cycle Solutions and try to get that jersey I want.

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