Friday, November 16, 2007

Salsa with A Side of Tree

Just got my new Salsa Qr this week. Works great except for one problem. I just figured out that I bent my seatpost in the last 2 months. Oh, well it's bound to have happened. Now to get a new one.

Was out for a ride on the trails. The pic below is post crash after coming down a short DH and bunny hopping a rock and root.

I missed the tree with my head by about 2 inches. I hit a rut on the right and basically had my front wheel spin out. Good thing I was wearing my Fox System pads as I put a good dent into the ground.
Things are going well with the plan to turn all my jersey's into fullzip's. They work very well.
Now am working on my next plan. Looking to get either a Gravity Dropper or a All Mountain Post. The riding will be smoother with on the fly adjustment.

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