Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Scrounging Da Parts

Today was a day to first of finish the Christmas shopping. Then it was to go by Sports Junkies to see if they had some good used stuff.

Man it's really not the same. It's way to much clearance stuff and not as much of the second hand consignment stuff. Was a little disappointed. But found a pair of shifters and a pair of Roach shorts that where basically new. Might go back on Friday to pick up pair of Core Rat pants.

For the rest of my parts I'll go by Simon's tomorrow to see if I can get a deal for some stuff. Part of the problem is I kind of want to take my Experience frame back with me to build up as a rigid bike.

It's funny though how I look at my shopping choices and realize how I've matured as a rider. I'm now closer to being a true mountain biker who does a bit of everything.

Plus tomorrow I'll be taking a ride around town to see what's been happening.

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