Sunday, January 6, 2008

Day Off

Took an easy day, well from training. Spent the day getting stuff done like laundry, groceries, and building the Dirt Bag Franken Cross.

Also spent part of it putting things into place to help with my goal of losing 25lbs by March 31st. This will mark a significant change of lifestyle for me. As in the last year I have done alot of soul searching and realized that I was happiest when I was race fit and riding bikes like a racer. And that the last few years I have been doing things to hide myself from the fact I wasn't happy in life.

And when I look back at pictures from when I raced in the early 90's I could see that I was much happier. And that I let too much nonsense get in the way. But more on that another day.

While looking at some Ultra Running stuff found the blog of Catra Corbett one of the Montrail team.

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