Saturday, January 5, 2008

Winter Tread

Headed out to Collins Bay for the first winter trail ride of the year. Was actually expecting to have it a no go as the snow was a little deep.

The good news is the area is big with the snowmobile crowd. So the trails are packed down in some sections. Then I found out other areas where packed down by all the dog walkers and such. the good thing was I saw a couple of other knobby tire tracks in the snow.

It always amazes me how some mountain bikers who claim to be hardmen run indoors when it snows a little bit.

The snowmobile trail.

The little trail through the snow.

The Mistress post ride.
Post ride pain killer.

The only bad thing with today's session was that I forgot to pack the Pledge in the pack. Pledge is the secret of winter riding. It helps keep pedals, cleast, and cassette's snow free. Because I forgot it my cleats packed up. Oh, well lesson learned.
Have begun the build of the new version of my Kaffenback. This should be interesting when it's built. Hopefully have it built by Wednesday for hill work.

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