Monday, May 5, 2008

Gaps of Time

It's funny how things can take over and suddenly it's 4 weeks later.

Well, it's back to business. First off, new training regime from the coach. Basically follow the advise given by Eddi Merxc years ago, quite simply ride my bike more. Spend less time worrying about work outs and simply get out and ride. Sounds awfully similar to what I was doing in the 90's when I was fitter. Maybe there is something to it.

To go with that. After some further reflection and all that realized that I don't need a cross bike. The reality is that at every point I was at my fittest I wasn't riding road or crossbikes. I was riding a mountain bike. plus the cross bike position puts a fair bit of stress on my lower back. So I had to find a new tool to meet this requirement. And it's the 29er that is the big thing.

Now I need to decide between the Specialized Rockhopper 29er or the Redline.
Decisions, decsisions.... Can't forget that I won't be wanting the shifters- will be running thumbshifters.

But first need to offload all the parts I don't need now, especially since I'm getting a complete bike.

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