Thursday, June 19, 2008


A couple of days late but here is more on the Tuesday night race.

The course was a preview of the Summer Solstice 24Hr course. It's not as flat as some would have others believe. Myself took my time as it was my first race in over 2 years. So of course didn't make the 30 minute cut off at the bridge. But thats fine as by doing this race gave me an idea where I'am in my training.

So now I need to work on 3 things. They being bodyweight, ride speed, and bike set up. The bike set up I need to get some new grips as the present pair caused my hands to go numb part way through the race, However have a solution for that but will keep that a secret. Now this will be the easy part.

Now the harder part will be the weight and ride speed. I'll have a plan for next week to work on that. Though now have another purpose when it comes to the weight, got 4 weeks to lose 20lbs before my parents come out for Gabby's birthday.

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