Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Pain of Spin Bikes

Today was the first annual RMC Soldier On Spin a Thon. Which was put on by the Cadets to raise money for the Soldier On fund.

I was tasked to ride 2 hours for the civvy base staff. Though after doing this once on a spin bike I know better for next year. Next year I will use my own bike with either Rollers or a rim mounted Turbo Trainer. Riding a spin bike sucks as it never feels comfortable to me. Though maybe a good easy day the day before would be helpful as well, instead of running around like a chicken.

The guy in the white jersey is Tony O'Keefe, Dean of Cadets and Ultra endurance fiend.

The Cadets trying to out work each other based on mileage. The squadron with the most mileage wins a pizza party.

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