Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Retro Grouch Moto Club

This is a little bit from mountain bikings past.

You might be a retro grouch if;

1.Use top mounted shifters (click or friction)
2.Use a five or six speed freewheel
3.Use standard cage pedals and toe clips
4.Use brass spoke nipples rather than aluminum
5.Use steel quick release hub skewers
6.Use a frame pump rather that a CO2 cartridge
7.Use chainrings with teeth that don’t have odd shapes or notches (Writers Note: Remember Bio-Pace….uuuggghh)
8.Use water bottles rather than a water bladder slung on your back
9.Wear any cycling shorts that flap in the breeze
10.Wear tee shirts rather than jerseys
11.Wear a rolled up bandana for a sweatband
12.Wear a helmet that isn’t quite aero
13.Wear a fanny pack
14.Grow and maintain a crop of hair on your arms and legs
15.Grow and maintain a beard
16.Ride a frame that is three years old or older
17.Ride a non-suspended frame
18.Ride a frame that is any color other than neon
19.Eat anything other than a PowerBar on the trail
20.Drink water without sport drink additives
21.Enjoy listening to music by Neil Young

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