Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Suck It Up Buttercup

Suck it up, Buttercup. Is the favorite saying of any soldier in the Canadian Army. Whay am I posting this one may ask?

It's easy really. I'll be helping a crew this Saturday morning as a take a relay in the Ride-a-Thon at RMC for Soldier On. More info can be found here,

This is a group that helps our soldiers who have been injured either in combat or non combat get back on their feet.

Now that that taken care off.

The last few days have been a waiting game. Waiting to see where Joely will be on the 4th so I can make the final decision as to the race. Either the Tour of Pelham or the Icebreaker. Decisions Decisions.

Now just re looking at forks. The RST M 29 is still the one. However am checking stuff on ebay to see if any Rock Shox are available. Though I would much rather get new the current economy may play a factor. Especially if I want one for April 4th. And then of course will need one when we go to California.

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