Monday, June 8, 2009

Lay Off and Courses

 After a good weekend of riding and hanging with friends in the Don get the bad news. Due to the economy the shop is slow and have been temporarily laid off.

 The good news is tomorrow I start my online course tomorrow so that will help with getting into Queen's to work for the Fall.

 The good news of the weekend is I have found a used 29er fork I can aquire. Though it may take a bit longer due to the job situation. Though starting tomorrow I'll be in the process of cleaning out a bunch of stuff so hopefully that will help. 

 It should be noted that EWR's OWB29ER  has been reviewed in the July issue. And they love it, well they bitch about the weight. But then again only light weight XC weenies worry about how much it weighs. Sounds like the bike is even better then I thought. Guess I will be  having to figure out how to make it happen over the summer.


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